AlpArslan Episode 60 Urdu and English Subtitles

AlpArslan Episode 53 Urdu and English Subtitles

AlpArslan Episode 53 Urdu and English Subtitles

“The inspiration for the stories and characters in the series is our history.” “No life was harmed during the filming of this series.” You all have the same concern, right? It is the concern of all of you; To be rulers and to be proud. To show your dignity and status. Not to be of those who submit their necks, but to be of those to whom their necks submit! Rather, what is your concern in the first place, my lord? The young man you imprisoned a while ago, if he was “Anushirwan” son of “Altun Jean”…

You will have a son , even if he is not of your blood. As I told you before; You must make a decision, my lord. It has become necessary for you to announce who will inherit the throne of the Supreme Seljuk state from you. Will you wait for an heir not of your blood to take over? And the descendant of Sultan Al-Khwarizmi on the throne after your departure?! Will you choose who will liquidate the masters of the “Yabgo family” or make them enemies of the sons of…

“Michael”; Will you make the way easier for “Alp Arslan” and let him make the brothers fight?! Or will you choose who can bring together the sons of “Mikael” and “Al Yabgo” and the sons of… “Yanal” and all the Turkmens are under one banner, and it is one person, namely me? Not any of them. Who will ascend the throne of the Supreme Seljuk state? who will inherit it from me. He is the son of Mr. Chagri. Prince Suleiman! Suleiman, Suleiman! Suleiman”! Leave him! “Salim…

What do you think you’re doing, Flora? Go back to your room quickly. -Leave it! I told you to leave it. do not you dare! my dad. I beg you! I love him, I love him so much, Dad. Please. both! both! both! Suleiman”! You… What do you think you are doing? did you lose your mind? Take him to the doctors quickly, quickly! Get up, Suleiman! Suleiman”! Be careful that something happens to him, father. Please don’t get hurt. Julia, take her to her room quickly.

AlpArslan Episode 53 Urdu and English Subtitles


Let’s go! Prince Suleiman, right? Long live that you can see! His name has not been reverberated on any mountain yet. His reputation was not spread in enemy areas. Will a large country be handed over to “Solomon” who did not take an inch of land as his homeland with his wrist, really? Yes like this. You will sell it. Only the boys close to you whom you drown with your money and gold will pledge allegiance to him! And not otherwise.



I have brought an end to the state that you created and the Sultanate with this decision that you have made, O Cousin. I will bow my head to you and obey you until you surrender your soul to God and God’s judgment is carried out. But you should know that… my obedience is not yours, But the country you represent… which will one day fall under my rule. You know that’s what you said… Reason enough for me to end your life now, right? I know. But you also know…

AlpArslan Episode 53 English Subtitles

I am not my brother, Ibrahim Yenal. The lords of the Yabgou family, who condoned his death… They will make the world impossible for you if you kill me. As I said… You are my authority until God’s judgment is carried out. But when God’s judgment is done, I won’t leave any prince alive, so you know. I am one of the princes you threaten to kill. The others are all like my brothers. We didn’t know you like that, Mr. “Qutalmish”. In every council your name is mentioned,

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