Which is best hosting to handle high website traffic at minimum cost?

Which is best hosting to handle high website traffic at minimum cost?

Web hosting is one of the major concerns of most web development from all over the world.

As we know that every web hosting even if it is starting claim that their hosting is the best and fastest hosting, but have you ever seen big hosting companies like AWS, Microsoft which provides business-level hosting promoting themself like this, of course not.

So we should just be very careful as well as choosy when we are looking for web hosting as it can break our business.

So here is today’s detailed guide, we will be discussing the most important things you should keep in mind while choosing a web hosting especially in the lower range, and finally, we will be sharing some of our best picks about web hosting.

Where are different types of hosting plans available in the market?

When we jump into the market of hosting you will see that there are a lot of options available in front of us.

Web Hosting ranges from very cheap to a medium level. So it is very important that we understand what type of hosting and what type of features you will be getting.

So below we have shared a detailed discussion on the different types of web hosting-

Shared Hosting –

Shared hosting is the cheapest hosting which you can get only for a few bucks.

There are many companies that provide you free hosting and all those we based on shared hosting.

Coming to the performance so this type of hosting is shared with lots of people and there are no different physical machines for all the people who are using the hosting.

So all the data from different users are put in the same physical hard hard drive.

But now these days most of the hosting providers are using SSDs Instead of HDD.

So we suggest that if you are going to buy a shared hosting then you must check whether they are using SSD or normal me HDD.

Try to get considered managed shared hosting which provides hosting services after buying from Google Cloud.

If you have a very low budget then you can go with the NameCheap hosting which is affordable and if you have some budget and wanted and are serious about your business you can go SiteGround.

Cloud Hosting –

After a shared hosting, you will have the option of cloud hosting.

There are a lot of cloud hosting providers but I will recommend the top-notch cloud hosting provider because the cost will be almost the same.

So if you are going to buy cloud hosting then never buy it from shared hosting providers because they are most likely the same.

In our suggestion, you should choose cloud hosting providers like Google Cloud, Microsoft Aure, OR AWS.

If you are looking for some cheap option in cloud hosting providers then digital ocean can be a good option for you.

Cloud Hosting Providers have a lot of plans you can start with only five bucks on digital ocean.

there and their many mediators who provide managed cloud hostings based on the platform Google Cloud, Microsoft as well as the digital ocean.

If you are definitely going to start a business with serious goals will suggest that you should just go with the cloud hosting

Dedicated Servers –


the last, but not the least category of hosting is there dedicated server hosting which is also called VPS.

We can add one more category say that if you are going to buy a whole physical machine from any hosting provider.

Dedicated servers hosting provider call their servers with different names like AWS have ec2 instances and Google cloud have Google buckets.

These servers can be best for you if you are going to receive millions of hits a day then this can be the best option for you.

Dedicated server hosting providers have a lot of options to automatically upgrade your hosting if they received unusually high traffic due to web mention.

These hosting providers have different categories like 1 crore CPU with 500 GB of RAM and multi-core CPU with 48 32 and so on GB of RAM.
If you are going to buy VPS with a higher configuration then your machine will be handling a lot more capacity with a huge price difference from basic VPS.

So this is all about home dedicated server hosting hope you are going to like this Our Guide nad will be able to choose the best option according to your needs.

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