Salahuddin Ayyubi Season 1

Salahaddin Ayyubi Episode 28 Urdu English Subtitles

Salahaddin Ayyubi Episode 28 Urdu English Subtitles


Mother. Elçim Hatun is strong. She’ll overcome this too. Certainly, son. But her father is captive. Her sister-in-law died, she has no one but you. Be by her side. Okay. I’ll go and see her now, mother. Stop, who are you? Bala Hatun is waiting for us. Go ahead. Son. My Bey. What have you done? The cart is ready, my Bey. The contraption has been put in. There is nothing missing, with Allah’s will. Eyvallah. Let Imren think about the rest.


That’s right. Yaghiz Alp, put the lid on, come on. Father. If you have time, I would like to talk to you. Tell me, what is your concern? Father. I want to marry Gonca Hatun. Gonca Hatun is a suitable bride for our family and our Beylik. I vouch for her, my Bey. Gonca is a good girl. But… she is engaged, son. Can you fight that? Can you face these difficulties, Alaeddin Ali? I know, my Bey. But I thought of everything. I’m willing to bear the hardships of this love, father. The Germiyans will not consent to this marriage. Well, what about Gonca? Will she be able to stand up to her father and mother? Gonca is also willing, my Bey. We took this road together.

Allah. Allah. Allah. Here, Bala Hatun. Imren Tegin received support from Bursa. They will stand ready inside the castle against any possible attacks. Is that so? Okay. Thanks to you, we know all the games they plan, my daughter. You have done us such great favours. Thank you. You reminded me of the kindness of my mother whose voice I’ve even forgotten, Bala Hatun. What I did isn’t even much. I want you to be victorious more than anything. Not just for myself… but for the sake of all the oppressed. I don’t want people like Olivia and Imren Tegin… to die before they go through what they made others go through.


Don’t worry, my daughter. These oppressors will get their share of Osman Bey’s justice. And until then, you will stay with us in the tribe. For your safety. So be it. May I come in, Elçim Hatun? Come in, Orhan Bey. Elçim Hatun. I understand you want to be alone. But we are worried about you. Thank you. But my sister-in-law never leaves my mind. We faced a lot of pain together. You are a very strong lady. I know that, but don’t hide your pain from us. We are one now. Cry, Elçim Hatun. Cry, you will feel better.

Salahaddin Ayyubi Episode 28 Urdu English Subtitles


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I don’t want to believe it, Orhan Bey. My father is in the enemy’s hands. My sister-in-law was treacherously murdered. What kind of test is this? Allah forbid, I do not question Allah’s decree. But I will kill Olivia with my own hands. From now on your pain is my pain. Your revenge is my revenge. But know that the revenge you seek… isn’t so far. We found the location of Atranos’ secret passages. Everything is in our favour now, right? Praise be to Allah. But I know… Now, if only there’s hope of meeting my father… it will be thanks to game of Holofira’s death. Otherwise we wouldn’t have found the passages. I owe her an apology. Holofira has a big heart, Elçim Hatun. She granted you right. But don’t think about that now. Rest well. Tomorrow will be a tough day. With your permission.

May Allah grant you comfort, Elçim Hatun. At sunrise, we will take Gündüz Bey and Atranos, In Sha Allah. In Sha Allah. Who is there? Holofira. I came to give information regarding Atranos. Bala Hatun wanted me to stay here until the conquest. – I couldn’t oppose her, otherwise… – Good. You did really well. Mother Bala thought well. But I don’t want to disturb anyone. I won’t even leave my tent as it is. Elçim Hatun. You must have heard.

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