Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 31 Urdu Hindi Dubbed by Geo

Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 68 Urdu Hindi Dubbed by Geo


Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 68 Urdu Hindi Dubbed by Geo


Father. As long as there are children like this, as long as you have grandchildren like this… it suits us to become a plane tree. Let them cut our branches. Our roots are strong. SÖgÜT – Sultan Alaeddin, welcome. – Welcome, my Sultan. – Welcome, my Sultan. – Peace be upon you. My sultan, my child is very sick , please help. – Help, my child is very ill. – Welcome, my sultan. – Welcome. – Welcome, my Sultan Welcome, my Sultan. You have honoured us, my Sultan. Your Highness, Sultan Alaeddin…



The situation is terrible, as you can see. This is the situation that Osman Bey brought upon the people. Valide Sultan wanted you to see the condition first. We have seen what we need to see, Turgut Bey. – Vizier. – My Sultan. Call the doctors of Konya, let them resolve this matter before the disease worsens. As His Highness commands. There is also someone in the Inn that Valide Sultan wanted you to see. Who? Malhun Hatun.


Unlike Osman Bey, she fought against the disease in Sögüt at the risk of her life. Let’s go and see. Then we will quickly go to Marmaracik. I will be here awaiting your order. Either we will be dragged together… or… we will give up the dream of becoming a state for the sake of those we love. Or we will find a third way. As my father did. Boran. My Bey. We will go to Sultan Mesud. As my Bey commands. MARMARACIK CASTLE Excuse me for my audacity,


Valide Sultan, but… Sheykh Edebali is the light of the Oguz. You won’t hang him too, will you? – If the people riot… – If the people riot for a rebel… they will have to pay the consequences, Bengi Hatun. Sheykh Edebali and Bala Hatun not being executed… depends on Osman. If he surrenderes and bows his head… things could change. I am surprised at your thinking, Ismihan. Oppressors like you are the ones who martyred Sumayyah (RA). But Allah Almighty punished them.


Their abode is hell. Look here… now you decide who will go to heaven and who will go to hell, is it? Statue of arrogance. I’m not surprised. Your end will be the same. You will be deprived of the pleasure of Allah. This hell is enough for you. A Sheykh’s daughter shouldn’t be so arrogant, Sheykh Edebali.


If you had raised her properly at the time… Bala wouldn’t be walking towards the gallows now. And you too of course. My Lord, who did not leave Prophet Yunus (PBUH) alone in the belly of the whale… He certainly won’t leave us alone in the hands of an oppressor like you. I have full faith in this. As for you… Ismihan Hatun… you will eat fire. Even talking to you is of no use. Shut those mouths, Avci. I will take their lives before Osman comes. Welcome, my Sultan.



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Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 68 Urdu Hindi Dubbed by Geo




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I am Malhun Hatun, daughter of Umur Bey, wife of Osman Bey. Sögüt belongs to us. And you are our guests like Valide Sultan. My mother obviously didn’t make things clear enough for you. Everything that belongs to you is ours, Malhun Hatun. Then go ahead, my Sultan. Sit like you own it. What is this situation? The situation is bad, my Sultan.


Valide Sultan left Sögüt because of the illness. And we are striving a lot. The disease will definitely be stopped. The wounds will certainly be healed. But what Osman did… will get his head cut off, you know that, right? If I supported what my Bey is doing… be sure that I wouldn’t have taken my father’s name first, my Sultan.