Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 31 Urdu Hindi Dubbed by Geo

Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 63 Urdu Hindi Dubbed by Geo


Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 63 Urdu Hindi Dubbed by Geo


I have never seen anything like this before, Kumral Abdal. It’s like an epidemic. But it isn’t. It’s not, it’s something else. Not something I’ve ever seen. Whoever did this is not from these lands. Obviously he’s been like this for days. What a strange effect… it slowly takes over. Not only him… it infected everyone in Sögüt. If we don’t find a cure, we’ll be in a tough spot, AySe Hatun. We will bury our valiants in front of our eyes. Kumral Abdal…



Allah forbid… you will find a cure. You will, right? The cure is hidden in the poison, AySe Hatun. Görklüce… listen to me. Get me a hemlock and a snake, but a poisonous one… and a scorpion. Come on, our time is running out. Come on. As you say, Kumral Abdal. Go on. Osman Bey. I heard what happened. The Alps are ready. And I will take those in the tribe to Inegöl. We are ready to strike Marmaracik. There is no striking.


Then what will we do? I will enter Marmaracik. And I will take my wife and my Sheykh. But your duty will be different. Tell me. The Sultan has gathered a large army and is heading towards us. You will stop him. How many are they? We can slow them down with some traps. But we’ll have to attack them later. Are you going to attack the Sultan because I said so? How do we stop him otherwise? The Sultan is coming to see Ismihan in Marmaracik.


And you will meet him on the way. You will make him turn his path to Sögüt. We will host him there. Now listen to me. MARMARACIK CASTLE You will pay for everything you have done, Ismihan. The day of justice will come for you. It is you who will pay, Bala Hatun. You raised the dagger at me. You poisoned me and stole my seal. You should not have laid your hand on Sögüt, the land of my ancestors. Do you accuse me of stealing?


I didn’t just take your ancestors’ land, Sögüt… I took your father, too. Osman will bring Mesud… And then… it will be the end for all of you. You are so arrogant that you think life and death comes from you. Death is in the hands of Allah. We live as destined by fate. But who knows? Your fate may be shorter than ours. Do you know what is short, Sheykh Edebali? Your dream of a state. That dream was born dead.


When did you see it right to draw a sword on a dream? Even if you can kill us… that dream will live forever. How many of us can you kill, Ismihan? How many of us can you kill? One of you… a thousand of you… ten thousand of you. Everyone who dreams of building a state over a state. It’s not like your state is free.You handed your state to the Mongols for strength. Everyone wants power, Bala Hatun. This is what you don’t see. And for this,



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Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 63 Urdu Hindi Dubbed by Geo


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Download 1080p Download 720 Download 480p Download 360p I will ally with the enemies if necessary… and I know how to sacrifice what’s mine. You can’t be as brave as I am. You can’t risk as much as I do. Of course I can’t. There is death, Ismihan. If you get what you want today in this world… tomorrow there is standing before Allah. Don’t worry. I will put you in your grave soon. We are not afraid of death, Ismihan. Death is not an end… It is clear that this world has deceived you, and you forgot this long ago.


The great Sheykh Edebali. You know very well how to give a lesson on pride. You see yourselves so great… that you try to trick me, Valide Sultan. Is it your place? Ours is not arrogance. It’s courage. It should be in the heart of every Muslim. Whether by trick or weapon. We are not afraid to be against you. Take a look around, Sheykh Edebali. You are in prison. Yes. Because you put us in prison… you count this as a victory, right? Then listen carefully… the prison is like the place of a prophet for us.