Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 31 Urdu Hindi Dubbed by Geo

Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 61 Urdu Hindi Dubbed by Geo


Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 61 Urdu Hindi Dubbed by Geo


Come on, Alps. Come on, come on. Sheykh Edebali… is in our prison. What are these days we live in, Oh Allah? What could we have done? Should we have said no to the great Valide Sultan? We should have, Hatun. They don’t stop. As long as Osman doesn’t stop or isn’t stopped… he will cause problems for many more people. We have Allah, Bengi. Sheykh Edebali is a friend of Allah.



Do you think the one who does this to a friend of Allah will improve? We’re on the wrong path. We’re on the wrong path. When Osman hear about this… he will destroy the castle over our heads. He can’t destroy it, Öktem Bey. He can’t. Valide Sultan. My flag is waving on the castle. So who is Osman Bey to attack the places I rule? My Sultan… Sheykh Edebali is not only important to Osman Bey… he is valuable to all the Turkmen.


He is a friend of Allah. I fear… There is nothing to fear… Öktem Bey. I know what you know. But you should also know what I know. Osman hides Mesud. If he gives me Mesud… I will give him Sheykh Edebali. Is our state a state of infidels that we be hostile to a friend of Allah? Now tell me… do you side with Osman who rebelled against the great Seljuks… or with me? Of course I am with you. Now… I will increase the measures if you will allow me.


I have full trust in you… Bengi Hatun. Thanks to you we will have another guest. I sent news to Bala Hatun. She will come here to save her father. She insulted me. She deceived me. Do you think I’d let her go unpunished? Never. I forgive everything… but I do not forgive an offence against me. I’ll make her regret it a thousand times, Bengi Hatun. I will punish her such… that no one on these lands will ever dare to offend me again.


Valide Sultan, Sheykh Edebali… are you going to release him? Halime, my beautiful daughter. No, no. No. You will be upset with your mother… I know you will be upset, but don’t be upset. I’ll go now but… I won’t worry. Mother. What is happening? Or is there bad news? – My Sheykh? – No, son, no. Come on, sit down. Your father called me to Sögüt. Take care of your sister, okay? She is small. Take good care of her. Take care of her until I come back.


I entrust you to Allah first then to each other. Don’t worry, mother. Halime. Come on. Forgive me, Osman. Forgive me. Tell Osman and my children… that Bala loves them more than her life. Come on, go, my girl. Go on. We’ll go this way, Your Highness. Let us go, Aykurt Alp, as far as we can go. YENISEHIR – OSMAN BEY’S VILLA I shouldn’t have left my mother alone, I’m too late. Alaeddin. – Where are you going? – To my mother.



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Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 61 Urdu Hindi Dubbed by Geo


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I will not come back without bringing my mother. This is not possible, my brother. We cannot move without an order from my Bey. And Halime… she’ll look for you, don’t you know? Will you leave your sister alone in your mother’s absence? What are you here for then, Ülgen Hatun? What if something happens to my mother, what will I tell my sister then?


When she grows up, won’t she say, why did you leave mother alone, brother? What will I say when she says to me: “Why didn’t you prevent her from going?” Tell me what will I say? Will I tell tell her I just sat like this and did nothing, what will I say? Alaeddin. Look, brother… We have the biggest duty now. Especially yours. We will not move without an order from Osman Bey.