Season 5 Episode 100 Urdu Hindi Dubbed by Geo

Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 60 Urdu Hindi Dubbed by Geo

Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 60 Urdu Hindi Dubbed by Geo


Turgut Bey? You keep saying the same thing. That food was like poison to me the most. To me the most. Now tell me… while we think of a homeland so much… where is Osman Bey? Tell me. Where is Öktem Bey? Is there anyone else working for this cause besides me? Tell me If the cause is the cause of conquests, then our lives are sacrificed on this path. Tell us what we’ll do. Eyvallah. First… we’ll strike the necks of the infidels who are in the castles… and clean our lands from them forever, In Sha Allah.


Olof and his dogs think we’re too weak to attack them. We will strike them through their arrogance. Now listen to me carefully. My Alps will be positioned near the castle. And you will open the gates when you are sure of the precautions. Then, we will throw Olof and his dogs out of our homeland, with Allah’s will. Now tell me, Beys… are you with me? The Beys are with me.


YENISEHIR – OSMAN BEY’S VILLA Will Bala Hatun stay in the lodge now? This is what it looks like, Ülgen. I don’t get it! Why did this happen? Don’t talk too much about this now… their anger is still fresh. But Bengi Hatun wanted to help. What’s wrong with that? Perhaps she would have fixed up. Have you thought about that? Ülgen! Malhun Hatun. I… it’s not my place to talk, but… I was really upset, that’s why.


Since you’re so upset… then you should have gone after Bala. Gather your things and get out of here quickly. Me? Are you throwing me out now? Stop there, Malhun! If you’re going to leave Ülgen, I won’t. I said my final word, Ülgen will go from here. But I haven’t said my final word yet. Let’s settle our scores outside then. Bring your sword and come. Please, stop! Okay, I’ll go. Don’t fight for me. Don’t fight! I will go.


You played it well. You acted so well, even I believed you, leave Ülgen. You are brilliant. It is enough that Valide Sultan and Bengi believe it, AySe. She believed it so much that she is determined to make this fire big. For God’s sake, is it right what you did to me? I almost passed out. Praise be to Allah. Would you look at me? Would we ever leave you, Ülgen? You wouldn’t, would you? I got scared. I lost my mind.


Valide Sultan has sworn to sow discord between us. And she doesn’t look like she’s going to stop. Then let’s make a nice game against her.That’s right. Let her think she has reached her goal, so she sits back and becomes ignorant. Nice! But let’s do it in a place where everyone believes it. She gathers the wives of the Beys tomorrow and she has invited me too. It’s the best time to take the seal. Will we be able to take it amongst all those ladies?



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Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 60 Urdu Hindi Dubbed by Geo

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She will definitely carry an important thing like that with her. What if we go to her room at night and take it while she’s asleep? But I won’t go in, okay? Valide Sultan doesn’t like me at all. No need, Ülgen. I know very well how I’ll take it. The time I gave you for Inegöl is over. But I see that Valide Sultan you stand behind isn’t here And your friend Olof. Don’t you worry! I will give Olof his due.


Will you give him his due by sitting with him at the same table? We’ll settle that account later. But the issue now is different. The Mongols in Konya are Valide Sultan’s biggest support. And now they come to break us. – Then, we had one issue, now we have two. – Since when was there only one issue? We will first behead Commander Samagar who will come here. And then we’ll throw Olof’s men out of the castles.

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