Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 31 Urdu Hindi Dubbed by Geo

Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 58 Urdu Hindi Dubbed by Geo


Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 58 Urdu Hindi Dubbed by Geo


My Sultan. My Sultan. Samil, take a look at this. The inside of his eyes are completely red and the surroundings are yellow. Don’t you know this poison? Don’t you know? I will find it, my Bey, I will. My Bey, this is scorpion poison. I know the herb that will cure it. They rarely bud here, but I will find them. What are you waiting for? Don’t come back before you find that herb. Samil, if you don’t find it, we will lose the Sultan.



Hold on, hold on. SÖgÜT Bala Hatun. Valide Sultan. Would you have gone without passing by me? Stop, let me look at you. What has cast a shadow over your beautiful eyes? Only my Sheykh can calm the anger inside me… so I wanted to go to him first. I was going to pass by you later, of course. Even if I am not at the level of Sheykh Edebali, I am also a good listener. Tell me, what’s your problem?


You were right. I thought everyone was like me. Was it Malhun Hatun? She disregarded my words today in front of everyone. I will not forgive her for this. She raises her voice so that she can suppress your voice. But you must not step back. I will invite all the wives of the Beys to the Inn tomorrow. You come too. Come, too, so that they can see who the Head Hatun of YeniSehir is. Will it work quickly?


He will open his eyes at once, and his wound will heal in time, my Bey. Ya Shafi. My Bey, we should make him drink this. Help me, Baysungur. Take it, it’s done. Slowly, slowly. It works, doesn’t it, my Bey? His breathing is getting better slowly. Praise be to Allah. Praise be to Allah. Your Highness. Breathe. Take deep breaths. Are you okay now? We had better days, Osman Bey. Bless you, Samil. Eyvallah, my Bey.


Hey Ma Sha Allah. Your Highness. Don’t worry, we’ll take you to a safer place right away. But the one who did this to you is no one but Valide Sultan. You should know this. I know, Osman Bey. Samagar trusts her. Saveli trusts her. If they aren’t there, then Valide sultan will have no power. I will destroy them all. Now tell me… how can I destroy the power of Valide Sultan? With what? There is a seal, Osman Bey.


She draws all her power from that seal. A seal? Well… if I take that seal… will I be able to tie the hands of Valide Sultan? If the seal is not there… she will have no valid rule. Valide Sultan! Traitor! I will cut off that Turgut’s head with my own hands. When Valide sultan learns that it was him who took the provisions… Don’t you dare, Frodi! You won’t tell anyone anything! You will not tell Valide Sultan anything! Will that traitor remain unpunished?



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Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 58 Urdu Hindi Dubbed by Geo


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How many of our soldiers died, Dan? He will pay for this. He will, Frodi, I promise you, he will! But not now. When the time comes, we will kill him with our own hands! But not now. When? When? When? When? When? Be the property of the one who is skilled in war. Since when have you been dreaming of owning property?


Since the blood of my valiants spilled on the ground in the conquests for years. Isn’t Öktem’s blood enough? Whatever it was, you gave property to someone who was not in the conquest. I was always by your side, Osman Bey. You chose this, you have no place beside us. No, this won’t do.