Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 31 Urdu Hindi Dubbed by Geo

Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 56 Urdu Hindi Dubbed by Geo


Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 56 Urdu Hindi Dubbed by Geo


Malhun Hatun, what do you say? We all work for the people. I would like to forget what you did to me and give you a hand. Look what you say. Have you forgotten who you were standing with earlier, Bengi Hatun? Cerkutay! We will take the cart. Gürbüz! I said hand the cart over. Stop, Gürbüz! Gürbüz, immediately! Gürbüz, I told you to stop! I came, Osman! Samagar who you put in the dungeons will make this world a dungeon for you!



You should not have come. I was going to come to you anyway. You are the revenge I’ll take. Our mission is to take Mesud’s head. Maybe I’ll take it before I skin you. We never surrender those who take refuge with us. Never. I know how to take him, Osman! Come on then. Come and see. My Sultan, hold on. You will live. You will live. Alps! Alps. I’ll go with the Sultan. Cover us. No one try to do anything heroic. –


We’ll get out of here alive. – Eyvallah, my Bey. – Baysungur. Cover us. – My Bey. My Sultan. Attack! If Mesud and Osman leave from here alive, I’ll impale you all! That won’t do, Bala. I don’t trust that woman at all. We can’t hand the provisions to her. Continuously falling out like this will only distance her even more. – If we don’t trust her now… – I said no, Bala! I’ve said my final word. We will take the cart. But I haven’t said my final word,


Malhun! You’ve changed a lot since yesterday, Bala Hatun. What did Valide Sultan promise that you speak so loudly? My voice was always loud, Malhun Hatun! Only you couldn’t hear. Watch what you say, Bala, otherwise I’ll cause an accident. Don’t hold back. Is this how you carry out the duty you’re given, Frigg? How did Malhun get to those goods? Why did I put you there? Have no doubt I will find out… Valide Sultan. She will find out!


The ladies ruined my plan. They ruined it. I don’t tolerate mistakes, Frigg. I promise you, Valide Sultan. I will make up for this mistake. You definitely will. Otherwise, there will be no agreement. No caravan will reach YeniSehir. You will destroy all the goods you find. Valide Sultan. It’s not the end if we couldn’t get the provisions. The provisions will be the end of them. What do you have in mind? Leave it, Bala Hatun.


Malhun Hatun thinks she is the protector of all the people. She can’t hear you or me. Gürbüz Alp. Hand over the cart to Bengi Hatun, that is my final word. I will deliver this cart! This is my final word! Cerkutay, come on. Come on. – Bala. – Don’t, AySe. Don’t say a single word. I can’t come to the villa angry like this. I will go to the lodge. Turahan! Aykut, Turahan, don’t you, we promised our Bey. We’ll retreat, don’t! Eyvallah, brother.


What did you promise your Bey? If your promise was you won’t die, you won’t be able to fulfil it. My Bey said, “Don’t come back before you take that dog Samagar’s head!” Your Bey left you behind. That is how war is. The bigger ones escape, and the little ones become bait. Come, you baseborn dog. Come on. You are Samagar’s prey today! I don’t leave any of my Alps behind. Hold on, my Sultan. Alps, get back

Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 56 Urdu Hindi Dubbed by Geo

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How long will you run, Osman? Do you want your death? Come on then, I’m here. Attack! Baysungur. Allah is the Greatest! Allah is the Greatest! My Bey, we shot all our arrows at them, they still come? We will split from here and meet in the cave in the Güragaç region.


The Sultan will be with me. – Come on, Turahan! – Come on. Hurry, bring the horses! Spread out in all directions, look everywhere! Osman and Mesud will be found before sunset! Valide Sultan… sat me and Olof at the same table. then I drew my own path, my Sheykh. but the issue with Osman Bey is different.