Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 31 Urdu Hindi Dubbed by Geo

Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 55 Urdu Hindi Dubbed by Geo


Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 55 Urdu Hindi Dubbed by Geo


Are the Alps done? – Yes, my Bey. Eyvallah. Alps. Get rid of the horses and join us. Your Highness. KONYA PALACE My uncle who sat in his residence waiting for his death… escaped when he knew he was going to die, huh? Osman, your Highness… his reason for coming here was to kidnap Mesud. He took his son from the palace too. – Moreover… – Vizier! This is my last warning to you. Never come to me with excuses again.



Take a troop with you. Kill my uncle and Osman and bring them to me. But… if there is a single lie in what you say… I’ll hang you in the yard, Saveli. Commander Samagar… the tracks lead this way. These tracks don’t go to YeniSehir. Osman and those with him wouldn’t go this way either. Samagar, the tracks lead this way. When was anyone allowed to speak after I’ve spoken? Look. These are tracks of the front legs.


The tracks of the back legs were deeper. A horses head is at the front, that is why it’s heavier, you fool! Osman must have had the horseshoes turned around. Bring me poisoned arrows! We’ll split up! You will go in the direction of the tracks. The rest with me. You will kill Osman and Mesud where you see them! Your Highness… we take you on foot, please forgive us. I’ll decide that when I’m on the throne,


Osman Bey. My words aren’t valid now whatever happens. We couldn’t go to our destination with Mongol troops on our backs. For that reason, just hold on a little. Eyvallah. Osman Bey. I want you to give me a straight answer. I’ve known you for many years. Let’s say you succeeded and got me back on the throne… what will you ask from me? When you sit on the throne in the East… the doors of the West will open to me.


You will support me in my conquests. But these are things for the future. If we’re talking about the present… you being by my side…will weaken the power of Valide Sultan. She appears to be behind everything. Her greed for power turned my own nephew into my enemy. She took my throne from my hands. Well, what did she take from you, Osman Bey? My fortresses. My castles. And she gave it all to the infidels.


But I will take back my property… and her head. You will. I promise you. When I sit on the throne, I will support you. Whatever you lost, you will get it back and more, Osman Bey. My Sultan. Alps! Alps! Your Highness, hold on. Hold on. You! You! Come on, Alps. Let no one be left without provisions. Bala Hatun. It’s all nice that you saved the day, but… what will we do tomorrow? We will definitely find a way, Bengi Hatun. Don’t you worry.

Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 55 Urdu Hindi Dubbed by Geo

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How can I not worry? This isn’t your issue alone. I would also like to do all I can. If you allow, give us one of the carts and we’ll give the neighbouring tribes. That’s right, Bala Hatun. Let us give a hand. That would be nice. Okay. Distribute the provisions quickly. We must rid the fear of the people.


You being by our side has pleased me very much, Bengi Hatun. The enmity between us is between us. But this is a different issue. Gürbüz Alp! Hand that cart to Bengi Hatun. It will be distributed in the neighbouring tribes. That won’t do. We will take the provisions. I have no trust in Bengi Hatun anymore.