Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 31 Urdu Hindi Dubbed by Geo

Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 45 Urdu Hindi Dubbed by Geo


Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 45 Urdu Hindi Dubbed by Geo


They have kidnapped Alçiçek. The wedding of Alçiçek and Aktemur will take place tomorrow. Bayindir Bey. This is your share of the spoils from the conquest of Marmaracik. This sword is a gift from me to you. Thank you. Thank you, my Bey. Your Highness… Valide Sultan… was disappointed by Osman Bey on the borders many times. Osman Bey is an ambitious man. I can’t tell if he planned such a thing. But… looking at the issue of the Mongols, it is clear.



Is Osman Bey wrong? Don’t the Mongols always take advantage of this? Now… will you trust a commander of the Ilkhanid state… or a Turk Bey? Only you know this, Your Majesty. I will spare you, Osman Bey. On one condition. Your son Alaeddin… will be my guest until the truth comes out. Eyvallah. Eyvallah, my Sultan. I will not fear for my son because I am sure of my innocence. As you see fit. Escort Alaeddin Bey.


The Beys can also leave if there is nothing else to say. My Sultan. Speak, Vizier. My Sultan. Osman Bey even intervened in the matters of the throne in Constantinople. Weakening the surrounding is one of his plans. We shouldn’t trust him. Vizier… I have no doubt. You’re not seeing the main issue. Osman isn’t the issue… neither is Samagar. My uncle Mesud is the issue. YENISEHIR The tribes are out of provisions, Malhun Hatun.


The provisions in the castles and the surrounding areas have been taken by Olof and his men. There isn’t a single place left to acquire provisions, Malhun Hatun. They are increasing their measures. What do they do with these provisions, Kumral Abdal? They load them onto carts and take them. But where they take it, no one knows. What they couldn’t do with the sword… they want to do it through trade.


If we don’t find those provisions, we’ll be in a difficult situation, mother. They will scare the people with famine and turn them against us. We will open the ones in YeniSehir. Aktemur. Distribute the provisions in the cellar amongst the people in difficulty. We’ll take care of every home’s needs, Malhun Hatun, but… there aren’t much provisions in the cellar. Where do they take all these provisions?


It must be some place on the way to the castles and tribes. They know we’ll raid and take it if we know where they are. It must be a secluded place. Especially the caves. There are many caves in Karacahisar, Kulucahisar… and Bilecik near the castles. But it must be such a place… that if they get raided, they can call for help. The caves of TaSkaya, Beytepe and YassitaS are on the way to these castles.




Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 45 Urdu Hindi Dubbed by Geo

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Download 1080p Download 720p Download 480p Download 360p And it is close to Köprü Hisar at the same time. Your command has reached Konya, my sultan. Bala Hatun, welcome. You said it was an important matter, Valide Sultan Go ahead. Despite the unsettling incidents we experienced… they are all gone. You invited me to your table, now it’s my turn. Sit at my table first. Don’t worry.



We know the value of blessings and the etiquettes of a guest very well. Let there be no problems. Bala Hatun. First, I want you to know that I admire you very much. I heard of your role in the sisters’ conquests. This is your skill. Eyvallah, Valide Sultan That’s right, our sisters are very skilled.