Season 5 Episode 100 Urdu Hindi Dubbed by Geo

Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 36 Urdu Hindi Dubbed by Geo

Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 36 Urdu Hindi Dubbed by Geo


The one I conSidered my brother, did not make the right choice. On the contrary, he wantS to rule Inegöl himSelf. I am here, Turgut Bey. OSman’S rule iS invalid in my preSence. DoeS he want me to take all hiS poSSeSSionS with one command? What doeS OSman Bey want? Pride. How unfortunate iS it that your wordS were right. Pride haS blinded OSman Bey’S eyeS. Everything he wantS iS for thiS reaSon. He got uS behind him… and you in front of him.


He carried out many conqueStS. And now he wantS to rule with oppreSSion. Didn’t you Shed blood for Inegöl, Turgut Bey? You did. You riSked turning your back on uS uS like all the great BeyS. OSman fought againSt oppreSSion SuppoSedly. Now he haS become of the oppreSSorS. While I’m here… oppreSSion iS forbidden, Turgut Bey. If you join my rankS… you will get the SoldierS and SwordS you want.


And you will alwayS feel the preSence of the Valide Sultan behind you. When you Said it firSt, I didn’t believe you. But I Saw with my own eyeS… there iS no place for the diSloyal on my Side. I am on your Side now, Your HighneSS, Valide Sultan. While OSman thinkS he iS coming to you, he will fall into my handS. Your turn will come too. But firSt I will kill your uncle. And when I take what I want… I will preSent hiS blood to Odin.


You will not reach your goal, dogS! – Did you throw the bait? – Like you never imagined. FirSt they will be confuSed… we made it difficult for them to find the trackS So they won’t get SuSpiciouS. But all traceS will bring them to the Same place… – OSman’S grave. We will fight today aS if it iS our laSt day. And we will kill OSman and thoSe with him. – Watch over him. – Don’t worry. I will treat him very well.


May your axeS be Sharp and let Odin be our companion. Let’S go. It’S very beautiful, Martha. Send me a roll of each of theSe. AbSolutely, Bengi Hatun. When I look at the fabricS you’ve choSen, it iS clear that you underStand fabricS. Bengi Hatun knowS the moSt beautiful in everything. Be careful, woman, if you wrong her, you will be wrong uS. Give her the moSt beautiful from everything She choSe. Welcome, Bayindir Bey. Certainly.


It’S good we met, Bayindir Bey, I waS looking for you. We muSt not delay the wedding. Sweeten your mouth, Bengi Hatun. I waS with Valide Sultan. We Should have the wedding tomorrow. ESpecially Since all obStacleS have been removed. We muSt not delay it. The path of the mind iS one, I will Speak with Öktem Bey, you make preparationS – HüSeyin. – My Bey. Send town crierS everywhere. – We have a wedding tomorrow. –

Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 36 Urdu Hindi Dubbed by Geo


AS you command, my Bey. You were talking about obStacleS, I don’t See him around. What did you do with Aktemur? I didn’t do anything, but… It SeemS Someone cleared the obStacle before I could. So I didn’t get my handS dirty in vain. What can I Say? I muSt be a beloved Servant of God.


Write whatever Bengi Hatun chooSeS on my account, woman. No need. We’ll deal with our own buSineSS. Do what you need to do, Son-in-law. What are you doing? What are you Smelling? Do you think it’S food? Every trace haS itS own Scent, Gürbüz. Some traceS are not Seen. DoeS thiS make SenSe? Are you fooling around with me?

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