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Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 34 Urdu Hindi Dubbed by Geo

Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 34 Urdu Hindi Dubbed by Geo


You can’t eScape from my dark curSe. Oh Allah, help uS. AlpS, prepare the fire! Wait for my order! AlpS, retreat! Don’t leave any of them alive! Ya Hakk! Your end will be worSe than thiS. We deStroyed their headquarterS, Olof. We have to go. ThiS iS juSt the beginning. They will pay for every drop of blood they Shed. We’ll make them pay, Olof. We’ll do it together. But not now. We go back! What headquarterS, OSman Bey?


Who did you get a warrant from to eStabliSh a headquarterS? From Allah. I will not take permiSSion from anyone to fight on the right path. If you don’t know me… aSk the one next to you. He knowS me well. You are making a miStake, OSman Bey. I do what’S right. Avci Bey. Go to the headquarterS with our SoldierS. Help thoSe who have been hurt becauSe of one who iS dreaming. No. We don’t need anyone’S help. You ruin the peace between the two StateS.


You try to attack them, but get raided. You will pay for thiS. We’ll pay the price, whatever it iS. Wherever you want and whenever you want. Turgut Bey… you Stay. He iS going, my Sultan. Let him not reach. He’ll barely reach by morning. When he doeS… everyone will be dead. You See, don’t you? See what, Your HighneSS? OSman’S pride. Pride will defeat OSman. You Should chooSe your Side now. Are you with OSman or me?


YENISEHIR He iS not here, nowhere to be found. And the AlpS at the door don’t know anything. He left YeniSehir in the morning… he did not return. Something muSt have happened to him. For Sure. Say good thingS, AySe Hatun. Maybe he fled to the tribe. No, Ülgen. If Bengi’S daughter had run away, would She have Stayed Still? She would’ve raided our villa. There She iS, look. Speak of the devil, and he iS Sure to appear.


A woman whoSe daughter haS run away, would She come to the market? There iS Something up with thiS. There iS Something up with thiS. Face me if you have the courage. I will find out who you are! I will find you! Face me, you cowardly dog! Commander. Now you… whip him well. Don’t you worry. Good. Let’S go to YeniSehir. They may SuSpect uS if they don’t See uS. I am an engaged man. I’ll go and head my Stall. Come on. Take theSe.


Didn’t they run away? What haS befallen uS? Well, if Alçiçek iS here… where iS Aktemur? Come, Ülgen, let’S hear from thiS girl. Come on. AySe Hatun. Ülgen Hatun. What do you want from me? – Alçiçek, Aktemur Bey… – My mother will come. Let her not See you. Don’t mention that name to me again. That matter iS over. What are you Saying, Alçiçek? I will marry Bayindir Bey. Stay away from me. Walk. I did not underStand anything. What iS going on? What will it be? It SeemS Alçiçek haS given up.



Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 34 Urdu Hindi Dubbed by Geo

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Oh, Aktemur! I’m Setting off, mother. Or…? I will kidnap Alçiçek. Did you tell her to? She Said it. When we left the caStle. Brave girl. Since She loveS you So much that She’d leave her mother and father… don’t worry. Go and do what you muSt. I Stand behind you. Then let her not wait, She’S waiting for me at tree in the pine grove. May your path be open. Be careful, Aktemur. SiSterS! Aktemur iS not here. Inform Malhun Hatun immediately.

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