Season 5 Episode 100 Urdu Hindi Dubbed by Geo

Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 33 Urdu Hindi Dubbed by Geo

Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 33 Urdu Hindi Dubbed by Geo


The Turgut I knew from before wouldn’t have died. BecauSe loverS do not die. But you will die, Turgut. You are unaware. Wake up from the Sleep of negligence. Wear the garment of love. The negligent die… loverS do not die, Turgut. YENISEHIR AlpS. Come on, get ready, we’re leaving. My Bey. My Bey, let uS come too. It’S hard for me to Sit here with my handS tied. AySe Hatun, forgive uS… we did thiS without your knowledge.


But Aktemur, my nephew, iS entruSted to me. I’ll bring him to you Safe and Sound. Do not worry. In Sha Allah. May your path be open. Eyvallah. AlpS. Board your horSeS. You will continue to diStribute to the traderS, the BeyS, and the people, Avci Bey. Let the people know where thiS gold came from. And let the traderS know with whom they will trade. Do your job well, Avci. Give gold to whoever wantS gold… a horSe to whoever wantS a horSe…


And a Sword to whoever wantS a Sword. On your command, the migrantS who came… have been Settled in the neighbouring tribeS, my Sultan. SeedS of hypocriSy were Sowed among the BeyS of KaracahiSar. Nice. ThiS will help uS a lot later. HaS the newS reached Olof? YeS, my Sultan. Aktemur’S head will Soon fall in YeniSehir like fire. Didn’t your uncle, OSman Bey, come to your reScue? He entruSted the city… to one who fallS captive over a girl.


For thiS reaSon, OSman doeS not deServe anything. BaSeborn dog! You undereStimate uS. That girl, for whom you were arreSted, Alçiçek… Do you know where She iS now? I told you not to Say her name. In the wedding. Meaning you aren’t that valuable. Do you expect me to believe thiS? Shame. What a Shame. While you are Slowly dying here… She iS getting married. I’ll take you from OSman firSt… you will be the firSt to be Separated from him.


Do you want to Say your goodbye? ThiS early? I waS going to Skin him. I will now Send you to Hell. I bear witneSS that there iS no god but Allah… and I bear witneSS that Muhammad (PBUH) iS HiS Servant and MeSSenger. Uncle. Hell iS only for people like you! OSman! Erik! Come on. Don’t do thiS! Don’t do thiS, OSman! You will Say the Same when my Sword iS on your neck. But I won’t hold back then either. No. No! Aktemur. Aktemur.


Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 33 Urdu Hindi Dubbed by Geo


Download 1080p Download 720P Download 480p Download 360p Are you okay? Are you okay? Hold on. AlpS, help. Come on, we will go to YeniSehir. – Boran. – My Bey. Our deStination will be Somewhere elSe. LiSten to me well. CONSTANTINOPLE EMPEROR’S PALACE Who prevented the leaving of the army that I Sent to help Commander Olof? Which of you? My lord… – Emperor AndronikuS… – You, huh? You prevented them. Tell me.


Where iS AndronikoS? Not here. Who iS in hiS place? I am. You no longer Serve Byzantium. In order to prove your loyalty towardS me… I command you to kill thiS traitor. Immediately! Who knowS how many yearS he waS your friend? You killed him without aSking a Single queStion… without even objecting. Can I truSt you? YeS, my lord. Good. All armieS are under your command. I want you to Send one of your beSt unitS to Olof at once.

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