Season 5 Episode 100 Urdu Hindi Dubbed by Geo

Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 32 Urdu Hindi Dubbed by Geo

Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 32 Urdu Hindi Dubbed by Geo


The headquarters must not be left empty, my Bey. Our enemies are many. I’d like to stay, if you’ll allow. Permission is yours but be careful. If you’re here, I won’t worry. Come on. Come on. I came, Alçiçek, I came. Aktemur. You wronged me, Aktemur. You will pay for it. Alçiçek is mine. I cleaned up the trash that was in our way, Alçiçek Hatun. Where are you, Aktemur? Where are you? You wouldn’t throw me in the fire, would you?


You wouldn’t do this to us. You will come, Aktemur. You will come. Mother. Alçiçek. You… Did this love blind your eyes this much, my daughter? How could you do this to us? Mother. He did not come. He didn’t come, did he? He won’t come. I know that, that’s why I prevent you. He will not come. He didn’t come, mother. He didn’t come. He left me all alone. Get up. Get up. Will you fall in love with a disloyal boy? You are my daughter.


Alçiçek, you are strong. You have to be strong. Wipe away your tears. It is forbidden to shed tears for a disloyal person who left you behind. Stand tall. Well done, my beautiful daughter. Come on, let’s go. So you gave up, huh? Commander. This is the extent of your love! SÖgÜT Peace be upon you. Peace be upon you. Attention! Her Majesty, Valide Sultan. Welcome. Welcome, Ismihan Sultan. This Inn and Sögüt are inherited from your father, Ertugrul Gazi.


You have the right to sit the closest. Please. In the presence of Valide Sultan… we will sit wherever she sees fit. Eyvallah. Where is Bala Hatun? We have many enemies. We did not leave YeniSehir without a leader. Tell me, why did you invite us? We haven’t been able to talk properly since we came. Constant debate and struggle. I’d like to say first… Konya is very grateful for your presence, Osman Bey. Thanks be to them.


Well, are the border lands pleased with Konya’s presence here? Sultan Mesud came and released Geyhatu. And you came and freed Kantakuzenos. Whichever enemy we capture… Konya frees them. We experienced all these things together, Osman Bey. Sultan Mesud saved you from the teeth of a Mongol army. And you, Ismihan Sultan? Who did you save us from? Emperor Andronikos received the news of his daughter’s death… and the news of Kantakouzanos’ capture at the same time.

Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 32 Urdu Hindi Dubbed by Geo

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And he had sent this letter to Konya in full anger. Kantakuzenos will be taken or else… an army will march to YeniSehir. Kantakuzenos is the sole heir to the throne. So, Konya saved you from great misfortune again, Malhun Hatun. And more… Kantakuzenos is the one who sits on the throne now. You’re wrong, Ismihan Sultan. The emperor is sick. Kantakuzenos is only representing. CONSTANTINOPLE EMPEROR’S PALACE Oh throne, you finally met your true owner.


You will soon be completely mine. When that sick Andronikos dies… I shall be your owner as the sole heir. The rule of cowards will end. Byzantium will be resurrected with my light again. I will kill Osman and all the Turks. Get ready. Get ready. Byzantium will bring you hell. What’s gone is gone. I am coming for what’s left in your hands Osman. Whatever you have left. Are you still crying? He may have come after we left, Mother.

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