Season 5 Episode 100 Urdu Hindi Dubbed by Geo

Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 26 Urdu Hindi Dubbed by Geo

Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 26 Urdu Hindi Dubbed by Geo


Come on, let’s make our preparations. I said this would be done, I said it. Mother. Aktemur Bey, may it be good. Don’t be like that, mother. Aktemur! How could you do such a thing without asking me and taking my permission? You disregarded me in doing so. What is this, mother? Don’t do this, I beg you. – And I… – No. Go and ask for her with your uncle. I won’t go to that villa. Bayindir… asked for Alçiçek. I can’t live without her, mother.


I had no choice. Otherwise, would I do something like this without your permission? Don’t leave me alone on a day like this. Aktemur. You say you can’t live without her. Do you really love this girl that much? And her? Does she love you too? Why would she run and tell me if she didn’t love me? She loves me as much as I love her, Mother. You will come, right? Son, I see your love. But you know, I don’t believe that girl’s love.


A lover does not harm their beloved, Aktemur. Don’t you trust my words, mother? I say Alçiçek loves me, too. I see her love in her eyes. Come on, mother. Don’t leave me alone on a day like this. You were saying they had no intention of doing so. Osman Bey will come to ask for Alçiçek. You won’t give her, will you, Öktem? I say Osman Bey. Osman Bey. The border Bey, the Bey who made Marmaracik our homeland. Osman Bey!


What will I say to him when he stands at my door? If Alçiçek is willing too, then what must be done is clear. I said you will not give her, Öktem. I will, Hatun! You will not! Öktem, I won’t give my daughter to the commander. Those Kayis took my brother. There’s not a thing they didn’t do to us. I can’t forget all this. Enough, Hatun, enough! I will not listen to you! I’ll give Alçiçek to Aktemur, Hatun! Attention! Valide Ismihan Sultan.


Is that so, Öktem Bey? What if I ask for Alçiçek? What will you do then? Will you give your daughter to Osman Bey and not to me? YENISEHIR, OSMAN BEY’S VILLA Ülgen Hatun.>

I said, Ülgen Hatun. Who am I talking to? Can’t you hear me? I don’t hear. I can’t hear. Ülgen Hatun. I didn’t know you would get upset. Forgive me. Right, he didn’t know. You made fun of me, all those people knew you could hear. You made fun of me.

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Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 26 Urdu Hindi Dubbed by Geo


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Who knows what they thought of me? From now on, I can’t see nor hear you… Cerguday Alp! Won’t you give me food too? I swear, I will kill you, no! Do you eat food, Cerguday? – Have a good day, sister Ülgen. – Thank you. Give me some food, too, please. Of course. She won’t give me. Here. Thank you, Sister Ülgen. – Enjoy your meal. – Enjoy your meal, brother. – Enjoy your meal, brother. – Thank you. Don’t do this to me. Don’t do this to ‘me’.

Who would accept this? Enjoy your meal, Boran Alp! You will eat the amount I give you. No more. You say I will never be satiated. Satiety is forbidden for you now. Look, I’ll go. Look, I said I’ll go. Who am I talking to? No. I can’t hear. I can’t… I can’t hear. – I’m going. – Go on then. – While I’m hungry? – Yes, may your conquest be blessed. – I’m going to war. – Go wherever you go. I am helpless. Now… how will I stab the heart of the enemy? Let the enemy stab your heart. Consider it revenge for what you did to me.



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