Season 5 Episode 100 Urdu Hindi Dubbed by Geo

Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 189 Urdu Hindi Dubbed by Geo

Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 189 Urdu Hindi Dubbed by Geo

Tell me. I have good news, Alaeddin Bey. What good news, Gonca? – Alaeddin. – Yes, my rose. I can’t ride a horse anymore. Why, Gonca? What happened? Did something happen? Alaeddin. I’m pregnant, we will have a child. P-Pregnant? – Pregnant? – I’m pregnant. We will have a child. What are you saying, Gonca? – You’re pregnant? – I am. – You’re pregnant? – Yes, I am.


Allah! Allah! Praise be to You, oh Allah! Praise be to You, oh Allah! Stop, you crazy guy! Stop, what are you doing? Y-You’re pregnant. I’m going to be a father. What should I do now, Gonca? What should I do? Let me wash my face, Gonca. – Where to, Alaeddin? – Let me wash my face. – Let me wash my face. – Alaeddin. We’re going to have a baby! Stop,


what are you doing, Alaeddin? – We’re going to have a baby. – We’re going to have a baby. Oh Allah. GERMIYANOgLU BORDER / BORDER MARKET Welcome to KayI’s property, Yakup Bey. It is Osman Bey’s order. From now on, when you come to the border market… your Alps will not walk around with their swords, Yakup Bey.


What does is mean to take swords from Alps? What is this insolence? Osman Bey’s property, Osman Bey’s law, Mehmet Bey. We will come to collect the taxes tomorrow, we came to tell you this. I didn’t come to bicker with you. Move out of my way! Swords, Yakup Bey! As if paying taxes to Osman isn’t enough… look at the treatment they see fit for us.


What is it? We cannot do business with anyone else. He prevents our trade with Bursa and Iznik Insolent! He also ended your trade with the Byzantines, father. As if this is not enough, the Yörüks follow him one by one. All the tribes see Osman Bey as a moral leader, my Sultan. Damn his morality. Of course, he increases his spoils with the raids he carries out.


He feeds the people… and that, from what they took from us. We didn’t come here for money, Mehmet. Trade is an excuse. And we definitely didn’t come to be humiliated. I know what I’ll to do to him. Let this be Yakup Bey’s promise. – Bala. – Welcome, my Bey. Thank you. Where are Alaeddin and Gonca? Haven’t they come back yet? Here they come, my Bey.


Come on. There’s something about them. What’s the matter? Alaeddin, Gonca? I have good news, my Bey. We’ll put another plate on the table now. What? We will have a child, with Allah’s will, my Bey. Ma Sha Allah, what beautiful news. Hey Ma Sha Allah. My daughter. – Congratulations. – Thank you, mother. – Congratulations. – Thank you, my Bey.

Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 189 Urdu Hindi Dubbed by Geo



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– Mother. – Son. Congratulations, my daughter. Thank you, my Bey. Ma Sha Allah. – May you hold him in good health. – In Sha Allah, mother. – Brother. – My lion brother. – May he grow up with his parents. – Thank you, brother. Boran Bey. Hey Ma Sha Allah. – Yes, Boran. – My Bey. Make forty sacrifices and distribute it to all the people.


The KayIs will have a grandchild. As you command, my Bey. – May it be blessed. – Thank you. I will be an aunt now, right? What will I be then? I will be an uncle! That’s right, a short uncle. Come on, Ülgen. We should prepare a beautiful table on this good news, right? We will prepare the most beautiful table, Bala Hatun. Come on, let’s go inside.

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