Season 5 Episode 100 Urdu Hindi Dubbed by Geo

Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 182 Urdu Hindi Dubbed by Geo

Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 182 Urdu Hindi Dubbed by Geo

“Holofira was so foolish… she sacrificed herself to save me. But Ayça was a smart girl. Even though the poison affected her mind… she knew I did everything. And when your treacherous daughter-in-law came to ally with me… I killed her. Degenerate! You will all end up like that. Enjoy yourself for now. I swear… I will not die before I kill you! May Allah be my witness, I will not die! You miscreants! Degenerates! You miscreants!”


“GERMIYANOghLU BORDER / BORDER MARKET Who are they, Cardinal? No one told me a convoy would come from the papacy. The Turks are coming, close the doors! Close it quickly! – Now! – Ya Hakk! Attack! – Come on, Alps! – Ya Allah! – Sisters, attack! – Allah is the Greatest! Sisters, attack! Alps, attack! Baysungur, take care of the back. No one can pass from the back. If you want, you go, Aykurt. Come on! Come on! You take over my market, huh? Even if you exile me, I will never leave you, my Bey. May my life be sacrificed for you.”


“You scattered like little partridges! Another one, come on First kick… then the steel. Hey Ma Sha Allah, my valiant brothers. My lion brothers. What is this? Have you gotten slow? I thought no one could survive you. Are you calling me old? No, Ma Sha Allah to you. Good, that’s what I thought. Bala! Stop! Do you trust your swords? Come. Alps, except the so-called envoys… no one will survive! Come on! May you live long, Osman Bey.”


“Gonca, the arrow has left the bow. I risked everything. Let the arrow not stop until it reaches its target, Alaeddin Bey. Let it not stop. – Come on. – Come on. Come on! Victory is ours! I wish we had killed you before, Osman. Is that so? So your envoys’ lives are more important than yours, huh? You’ve lived too long as it is. Come on then. If you kill us, the Pope’s men will tear you a… Silence! Silence.”


“Silence. You attacked our lands. Do you think the land of the Turks has no owner? As if that wasn’t enough, you tried to march towards Jerusalem too. Envoy, come here. Come here. Now tell me. From the place you were born to here… how many days away is it? How many weeks’ distance? Tell me! How many weeks is it from your homeland to here? You bring war to lands you don’t know, huh? You send news to the Crusader lands… and want to start a crusade, huh?”


“So you want to start a crusade? Look at me. My name is Osman Bey. I’m ending your Crusade… before it even begins! We only follow orders. We do whatever the kings and the popes say. Don’t you have a saying… ‘the envoy cannot be harmed’? You aren’t even envoys. You are just devils in bodily form. Envoys like you will be harmed and face our wrath!”

Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 182 Urdu Hindi Dubbed by Geo




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“NEAR ATRANOS There’s someone there! A sound came from there, let’s go and see. They must’ve heard us. Drag them to the side quickly. Or wait. You’re not used to the land, of course. It is difficult to tread it. And conquering it impossible. Cerkutay. My Bey. You will go to Imren now. You will tell him that the cardinal and the envoys are alive in our hands And he will give us Gündüz Bey in exchange for them. Turahan. Take this with you as proof. Take it so they don’t touch Gündüz Bey.”


“As you command, my Bey. Imren must be enjoying himself now. Let’s go quickly and spoil his fun. Tie these devils to a horse. As you command, my Bey. Get up! Get up! Get up, come on! Come on, walk! Yes, Mehmet Bey. We gave this Border Market to the infidels without your knowledge. But we killed many crusaders thanks to this Border Market. Hang the glorious Germiyan banner. The Border Market is the property of Germiyan again.”

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