Kurulus Osman Season Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 149 Urdu and English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 149 Urdu and English Subtitles


I could cut off your head now. And I will. But death will not be so easy for you… son of Osman. You’re basically dead. And I’m the demon that’s going to cut you to pieces. His father has come! Talk to me! It would have been your turn after your son. But I can start with you. We’re here, Orhan! Baysungur! Brother. Brother. You will be fine, my lion. Ya Allah! Get up! Do you think that what you do will go unpunished? Why are you in the village?


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You killed the innocent. You stole the gold we collected! We punished you. Lift him up. Orhan! Orhan! Son. I’m here, son. I’m here, Orhan. Son. Olof. The Turks are coming. And I was waiting for them. Let them come… and let them see this massacre they caused. Hold on, Orhan! Son. When we bury our martyrs… you will go underground. Look at me. Before you pay for what you did… even the soil is forbidden to you. The soil is for you weak ones.


Valhalla is for us. You tried to kill my son! I protected him from eyes in a silk gown. You will die in agony! Death will not return to your door. You will all die! Whoever touches my son or us… they will pay dearly. You touch my son, Orhan, huh? You… So you broke my son’s fingers.Stv H I’ll cut off your fingers too. You will never be able to hold the sword again. Nor will you harm an innocent person. You touch my son, huh? Fractures recover.


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Well, what about amputations? Scream. Scream! In my lands, only the voices of the oppressed are heard. And the voices of degenerates like you… no one will hear it. Scream all you want. No one will hear you. What happened here, Öktem Bey? My Alps. Batur. Be aware. My Alps. Have you come to take revenge? If you did this to my Alps… I came to kill you! Did you give these corpses the order to raid the village? What order, you baseborn dog?

Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 149 Urdu and English Subtitles

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I said, did you give the order? Öktem Bey was clearly not aware of it. Put down your swords and let’s talk. It’s too late to talk. It’s time for revenge, Bayındır Bey. Then, there is nothing we can do. We will swing our sharp swords. Öktem Bey. Stop. Drawing your sword before receiving the command… is killing yourself first, don’t do it. My command is the tears of the mothers of these martyrs, Turgut! Will I have mercy on them? How can I have mercy on them,


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Turgut Bey? Alps! Öktem Bey. Öktem Bey. Where did you hear that we leave the blood of the martyr without revenge? And did we ever have mercy on those who did this? Where did you hear that? Be patient, Öktem Bey. Let’s understand what happened first. And when it’s time for revenge, I swear I’ll be by your side. Be patient. Where have you been, Aktemur Bey? I’ve been looking for you since morning. What’s the matter?


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Why are you looking for me? Or did you talk to her? Yes I did. What does she say? Wait, let me catch my breath. My throat is dry. If I drink some juice… Juice seller, give us some juice. Eyvallah. Eyvallah. Tell me first. What does she say? Is her heart empty? This will not happen. That girl is tough. Forget about it. I will find a better one for you. Praise be to Allah. May Allah honour your deceased, my Bey. You say it won’t happen, huh? Does she love someone? First of all, good news.