Season 5 Episode 100 Urdu Hindi Dubbed by Geo

Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 14 Urdu Hindi Dubbed by Geo

Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 14 Urdu Hindi Dubbed by Geo


The troubles came when Martha came. Ayse, the sisters should keep their eyes on her. I sent them after her since morning. According to the sisters, Leo is nowhere to be seen in the market. We also didn’t find that wounded dog we put in the prison that day. I can’t comprehend. They are both amongst us. We will find them, Malhun. Let Ülgen come first, we’ll find out about this Martha. In Sha Allah.


May I come in, Malhun Hatun? Come in, Ülgen. This infidel lady is very bad. You just need two cloths, she is so coquettish. What did they talk about? Do you think they know each other from before? I don’t know. They spoke a foreign language, I didn’t understand a single word. Think properly. Did they not say a familiar word? I understood Constantinople. Other than that, they were just being coquettish.


That Martha or whoever has their eye on that guy. There is something about this but… If it’s okay, we should go after this Martha. Let’s see if she’s as she seems. It will suit Kantakuzenos very much. I brought the cloths you wanted, Martha. Osman, so this was the reason for your absence. You heal the emperor and come back on your own. Let the preparations begin. We will receive Osman in a way that befits him.


As you command, madam. Bala Hatun. There’s news from my Bey, he’s approaching. Good, prepare you Alps, Boran. I’ll come too, we’ll go together. Eyvallah. Don’t be afraid, princess, it’s me. Sarkis. My father, how is he? Did you see him? Is he alive? He’s alive, madam. He’s regained consciousness. Great Jesus, you heard my prayer. Osman Bey… his doctor saved him, he found the antidote. Osman…


Should I trust him? Or is this part of the game? I don’t know, Sarkis. My mind is so confused. I also have the same concerns, princess. But Osman Bey saved your father from death for the second time. When you think about his help… He is still a Turk. He must have some personal gain. You are right, princess. But there are people who want to kill you in this city. And as a despicable person who wanted to kill her father.


They want to kill me and my reputation, Sarkis. You can’t stay here until your innocence is proven. It seems going to Yenisehir is in your best interest. Those who want to kill me also want to kill my father, Sarkis. Moreover, I don’t even know who they are. How can I leave my father? There are hundreds of soldiers loyal to the emperor who can protect him. But I am afraid that not even your father can protect you from this slander.

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Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 14 Urdu Hindi Dubbed by Geo


What are we going to do now? Osman Bey! My Bey! Osman Bey! Attack, kill. And destroy. Who are you? I brought you death… Osman! Come on then. We’re here, my Bey! Do you always do your work with traps, degenerate? Now I will shed yours and Osman’s blood in this ambush. Cerkutay! I have eyes behind me too! No one can take you out of my hands now! If not today, then tomorrow.

Bala. Alps. Bala. Bala. Are you okay? I’m fine, Osman, I’m fine. But I let go of that woman who attacked our children. No. We track them in the infidel lands too so they won’t attack. Come. The boys, you… how many times will they attack, Osman? But praise be to Allah you came safe and sound. As long as I have a wife like you standing behind me… no ambush can affect us. Let them attack. But their swords do not affect our hearts.

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