Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 2 Urdu Hindi Dubbed by Geo

Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 136 Urdu Hindi Dubbed


Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 135 Urdu Hindi Dubbed

I will always be behind you Let me leave I’m behind you, because… If they know how strong we are, they will attack us together That is why we will block the view from them with walls of stones And the jobs that we will distribute now They will be the stones of these walls Mr. Orhan It’s time to test what you’ve learned through experience

The fortress of Karaja Hisar is now under your rule Do your lordship over it as it ought It’s up to you, sir Mr. Aladdin Continue your studies next to Al-Faqih Dorson As you see fit, sir As for the command of the army in Yenişehir, it is your job from now on, Aktimore Your honesty is my safety, sir Honesty is increasing day by day Gentlemen

We will establish a big market in Yenişehir Merchants will come from different regions There are even those who will come from beyond the seas That is why we will all have a lot to do Trade is a necessity of the Turkmen, sir So let’s get our stuff These are the gold coins we reaped from the invasion This is the master’s council, not the state treasury Give it to the poor and needy


There is no needy left in the areas of our possession, everyone is satisfied thanks to you I have distributed many chests in your name, and this is what is left of them So let it be distributed to the headquarters of the black tree Mr. Octam has told us that this is needed Peace be upon you, sir The word of the Lord is above our heads, if you say, distribute it, we will distribute it And if you say come on to the conquest, we will stand behind you without hesitation

The Mongols in the East, Rome in the West They attack us from both sides And if we do not stand in their midst like a plane tree, We will remain under their rubble Do not let our small number and many enemies frighten you This plane tree is getting bigger as the days go by The oppressed come to it to rest under its shade Surely someone will try to cut it And so if we do not unite under its shadow and go forward against the enemy,

Then the shadows of our enemy will overshadow us Gentlemen are busy making a living And the dispute is still going on over the throne outside the borders We are the only ones standing next to the oppressed And we know that we are alone, but it is this loneliness that will bring us together It will help us to strike the West like a ram We will unite with this dream and move through it

Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 135 Urdu Hindi Dubbed

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Part 1


We are the ones who provided justice in this region and it is not appropriate for us to stop Gentlemen If we stop, we will retreat We will move forward towards the infidels as long as we breathe We will root out injustice as much as we can Until the flag of Islam flies all over the world Peace be upon you, sir Curse the winds that do not blow on this banner that you want to fly,

Part 2


Mr. Othman – Will you let me in, sir? – Let me in my lord! According to the information we got, they will move the day after tomorrow We are waiting for your orders Diwan is over Let each of you do his job May God open your way What is the news that came to Mr. Othman? And made him finish the court urgently like this The mind cannot comprehend the actions of the master Nor can we know it by questioning it or thinking about it, Mr. Binder. Of course it is like that It’s obviously very important Message from Connor