Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 134 Urdu Hindi Dubbed by Geo

Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 134 Urdu Hindi Dubbed by Geo



“We’ve didn’t know you well all this time, Osman Bey. Our anger and greed veiled our eyes. May you live long. May your Border Market be prosperous. Eyvallah. I will inform my father of the happenings, Osman Bey. Alps, bring Olcaytu’s gold. We did what had to be done. We handed over the trust. Now it’s time to take. Come on. Take, Osman. You have no idea what will happen to you. Woe to you! What happened here? The Turks attacked. They killed three of our soldiers. You aren’t one of us Take off what’s on your heads. We expected you to lie down in palaces. But you made us lie on the ground. But it worked. Of course it would work. It would work.”


“Elçim Hatun. I see you’re in good spirits when we kill infidels. Come on, a few have gone and a lot remain. We need to get out of here. The Turks are there! May Allah help us. We are on the right path. Allah is with us. We’ll draw them into the forest. We’ll kill them there one by one. Come on. Send word to Atranos. Orhan Bey, come on. My Prince. That news will not reach Atranos. No matter what, it won’t. No matter what. What you did was really dangerous. I had to, Elçim Hatun. I did what had to be done. Come on. The longing will end, won’t it, Gonca? I will talk to my father in the evening. And I will talk to my brother. I will send word to my father as well. Let whatever will happen happen. Let whoever say whatever they want. This tale will have a happy ending. We didn’t make an empty promise, schoolboy. Come on. Let’s not be seen. Come on.”


“Look at this. Look at this. Those who give themselves up for this… for this gold… Alaeddin, tell us. My Bey. Do you thjnk Imren will suffice with the envoys only? In exchange for one Gündüz Bey… we give them the envoys and the cardinal, my Bey. If he is smart, he will suffice with them. He is smart. He is. More than we expect. Now, Gündüz Bey is definitely valuable to us. We value him, but… the Cardinal and the envoys… they mean nothing to Imren. To him, they’re no different to insects. He only holds on to them for the pope’s sake. That’s why I say… he will ask for the gold too. Then it will be down to our cart full of gunpowder. That’s right.”

Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 134 Urdu Hindi Dubbed by Geo















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“But… we won’t give him the real gold. We will divide the gold into two parts. One part will go to the tribe… and the other will go to the secret treasury in the lodge in Söghüt. This duty will be yours, Baysungur and Aykurt. As you command, my Bey. No one will know. Bala, let’s ask our daughter again. Let her give us the latest information regarding Atranos. All leverages must be in our hands. She will do this for us. We will know Atranos like the palm of our hand, my Bey. Eyvallah. Alps. Everyone to your duties. Come on. Come on, Bala. The siege artillery will be loaded onto the carts quickly. When the army stands at the walls of Atranos… these weapons will be at your hands, okay? – As you command, Malhun Hatun. – As you command, Malhun Hatun. Come on.”


“Ülgen. Malhun Hatun. I can’t find Ayça Hatun. What do you mean? Didn’t the Alps or sisters see her? No, we looked everywhere. She’s nowhere to be seen. Something comes to mind, but… I hope she hasn’t gone after Elcim Hatun and the others. And her mind has been completely affected. Wait, don’t speak ill right away, Ülgen. If that was the case, we’d have known. Maybe she’s wandering around. Send an Alp to have a look, okay? Okay then. Malhun Hatun. May it be good, In Sha Allah. – Convey my regards to Osman Bey. – Peace be upon you. Regarding Candaroghlus. It’s important. Eyvallah. This will be a disaster for all of us. Oh Allah. They will find our tracks soon. Hurry. If we go, they’ll know we knew about the secret passage. And it will be the end for my father. If we stay, we don’t know if we’ll get out alive. Didn’t our fathers ride their horses to unknown places at times,”