Kurulus Osman Season Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 132 Urdu and English Subtitles


Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 132 Urdu and English Subtitles

Mother! Mother! Mother! Halime. My beautiful daughter. I have come, my daughter. I’m here. Are you feeling cold, my beautiful daughter? Huh? Wait. Mother? Wait, your mother will warm you up now. My beautiful daughter. Halime. Mother. Are you feeling warm now, my beautiful daughter? Halime has passed away, mother. Sleep, my daughter. Sleep. Mother, don’t you see me? Sleep, my daughter. Mother. I have come. Don’t be afraid, angel. Halime has passed away. My sister has passed away. Don’t you pass away, mother.

Mother. Mother! Mother! Mother, open your eyes! Mother! Mother. Mother. Halime. Mother. Halime. Brother? Brother? Brother? It’s a nightmare. It’s a nightmare, brother. Drink water. Drink water. In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful. Did you see Mother Bala again? I miss them, sister. I miss them a lot. I can see, brother. I can see. I see your pain. I miss my Mother Bala too. Especially my sister… Halime. Whenever I hear her name… my heart hurts, it still does, brother. – Brother. – Fatma. My sister.

My sister. But I can’t do anything. My prince. Train with me too. Go ahead, Konur Bey. The field is yours. Come on, my prince. You know what to do. My prince, come on! What happened, my prince? What happened? Was is too hard? Hey Ma Sha Allah! Control your anger. It weakens you. Come on, my prince. Come on, brother. Come on. You can beat him. We are not slaves to anger. We are its masters. Come on, my prince! Experience… always overpowers skill. Eyvallah. But… precaution always beats experience.


You were the one who said, “You should always have a hidden dagger,” Konur Bey. How true. You’ve become a very strong Bey, my prince. Eyvallah. My prince. Konur Bey. The army has come to YeniSehir… to march to the conquest. Excellent. Oh good old Bursa. You trust the castles surrounding you… and become arrogant. Kite… Atranos… and… Kestel. When these castles fall… who can stop us from conquering Bursa, Osman Bey? Nobody. They know that too. That’s why… they all came at us to intimidate us.

Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 132 Urdu and English Subtitles



They wanted to attack YeniSehir, but… they paid the price with their lives. Their lives will not be enough to pay the price. We’ll take their castles too. We surely will. Whenever there’s a battle, my heart splits into three. Orhan and Alaeddin… have grown and become very strong Beys. I know that as long as we are one… we’ll reach our goal, In Sha Allah. Yes, we will. We will. Oh good old Bursa. It’s either you… or me. YENISEHIR Alps! Attention! Hey Ma Sha Allah. Our target is Kestel Castle.



Hadaf Play

My Alps. – Are you ready for the war? – We are, my Bey! – What does the Alp want? – He wants to fight! What else? The blood of the infidels! What else? Peace for the innocent! What else? To become a martyr! Hey Ma Sha Allah to my valiants! Hey Ma Sha Allah. I brought news from Konya, Boran Bey. Eyvallah, brother. My Bey, a message from Konya.

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No. Beys. Everyone come to the council. Immediately! Ülgen Hatun, I was looking for you. My mother is calling you. Fatma, a messenger came. Any news from Cerguday? No, Sister Ülgen. The messenger came from Konya. For so long, I’ve been without him. But he didn’t die. I know. Cerguday does not die. Mother! My father has come, right? My father has come back, right?