Kurulus Osman Season Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 131 Urdu Hindi Dubbed


Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 131 Urdu Hindi Dubbed

Ayşe, put Orhan to bed. Come on. Is it enough? It is enough. Mother. Mother, let me see your wound. It’s alright, my daughter. It’s nothing. Mother, it needs to be cauterised. HARMANKAYA CASTLE The man you call Gregor, tricked all the people andgave my village to Osman. How do you think he will make an agreement with us? Because he is a priest. Nikola. First and foremost, he’s agood Christian.

He will certainly be useful on our side against our nemesis. I don’t think so, Kosses. Where is Priest Gregor right now? On Osman’s side. Try to understand. Nikola. This war is between the crescent and the cross. Priest Gregor, rather than siding with the Turks. he would prefer to die. We couldn’tget the relic, my lord. As you can see. all the plans we made are useless. We need that priest.

Call Samuel to me.

Right away. Believe me, Nikola. if Priest Gregor is on our side. with thegunpowder I have, I’ll make such a hole in Osman’s heart. you won’t be able toguess. My lord. I want you togo to Priest Gregor right away. Let him know we need him to destroy Sögüt. and that all the Tekfurs wait for him under the shadow of the cross. IZNIK CASTLE You saved my life last night, Osman Bey.


Your roads contain danger. and your castle contains another danger. Thank Allah, we took our precautions against every trap that might be set. That’s why, I’mglad I made a friend like you. Eyvallah. So don’t let what you said just be talk. Since you are so happy to make a deal with us. then pay thegold up front. Pay it so our trade may be blessed. I think we will earn more.

Let it be as you said.

May our trade be blessed. Eyvallah. Don’t worry. There will be no problems in Iznik. Your routes and yourgoods are in my protection. BILECIK CASTLE The last verse you learned from the Gospel of Matthew? Man does not live by bread alone, but by every word that the Lord says. Petrus. Petrus. With each passing day, youget closer to becoming Jesus’ sacred warrior. You children aregreat.

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Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 131 Urdu Hindi Dubbed

Part 1


You have successfully completed your education. And now, for you to become better Christians. Monk Antuan will take you to Saint Beatrice monastery. It’s been exactly eight years since the two boys were taken from their tribes. You did agreat job. You raised Turkmen children asgood Christians. I amgrateful to you. I am always ready to serve the Holy Cross, my lord.

Part 2

When the love of Jesus settles well in their hearts. we can put the Holy Cross anywhere we want. Don’t tell me you’re back empty-handed. I couldn’t take it. I only. What is a child, Julia? A child is the future. A child is a seed. A child is the roots of a tree. We will uproot those roots and take them. We will take Osman’s dreams, we will take his children. Tomorrow, this place will be filled with Turkmen children.

There are children in Sögüt receiving education. They came from the Kayi tribe. They are yours, you will kidnap them. And my men will take care of the children of the other tribes. I want to do everything that hurts them. This will hurt them so much.