Season 5 Episode 100 Urdu Hindi Dubbed by Geo

Kurulus Osman Season 05 Episode 15 Urdu Dubbed Har Pal Geo

Kurulus Osman Season 05 Episode 15  Urdu Dubbed Har Pal Geo

He expects you immediately, Olof. Frodi… finish Osman off. And let him taste the death he deserves. Don’t you worry, Olof. Today Constantinople will be Osman’s grave. You should not have come to Constantinople, Osman! Do what you can. Now! Olof is listening to you, tell me, Emperor. When I heard of Ophelia’s betrayal… you acted before even receiving orders. This proves your sincerity.

Like the devotion your ancestors showed for hundreds of years to our dynasty. We have always been loyal to you. But you always trust the wrong people, Emperor. Osman works with all of them. The slaves saved you that day… today they saved Ophelia and Osman. You can’t trust anyone who isn’t of noble lineage like you. Are you of a noble lineage, Olof? No. But you have the courage of someone of noble lineage.


No, emperor, I am more courageous than many noble bloodlines. You always talked about the devilish moves of the Turks. First they open a wound… and then they treat it. In return, they gain infinite trust. Destroy that trust, emperor. Tear it up. Trust? I am the emperor of the Roman Empire, Olof. Do you think I trust Osman? I think of all possibilities, that’s why you’re here. What do you want from me? Ophelia will go to Osman.

I will put a special unit under your command. If you are right in your doubts… kill Ophelia and Osman. Your faithful servant Olof, will make the best use of this power you have given him. I will test Osman for the last time tomorrow. And then, death to your enemies. Come on then. Who is Olof’s master? I don’t know anything. Who is the closest person to Olof in this palace? Emperor Andronikos. You will talk more.

You will speak. Kill me. Kill me. I’ll decide when to kill you. Tell me… where is Olof? where is Olof? Where? Soldiers, kill them all! It will not end here, Osman. Turahan. Osman… Osman was waiting for us, Olof. Is there a spy among you? How did he know we were coming? Pray to Odin… you are entrusted to me. Otherwise I would have cut your head long ago. Allow me to make up for it.

Let me kill Osman. Even if I die for it. I will not die… before I kill Osman. He is mine now. I will burn him alive in the lands he was born. Flowing rivers will be filled with blood. And the soil will be watered with their blood. I swear to Odin… I will crush everyone who comes in front of me! If they shot arrows so he wouldn’t speak, that means we got close, my Bey. That’s right, but they continue with their games.

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Kurulus Osman Season 05 Episode 12 Urdu Dubbed Har Pal Geo


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We will make the game even bigger. You will convince Ophelia to come to Yenisehir. I’ll make her face Kantakuzenos. If she’s innocent, she’s in danger. We will protect her. But if not… I will hold her accountable. CONSTANTINOPLE EMPEROR’S PALACE Olof will come to your lands. I’ve put a unit under his command and they’re getting ready. Even if it is Olof who leads them, the soldiers are my soldiers.

I want you to host them well, Osman Bey. They will find Ophelia. Who did you take permission from? I trusted our friendship, Osman Bey. Moreover, Ophelia is our common enemy. This land is under my rule. Ophelia is my enemy. But Olof is not my friend. Osman Bey, I will get my enemy, even if he is in Hell! – Even if it is in your land… – Silence. The lands you’re trying to enter, are filled with corpses of people like you. Osman Bey. Olof will stick to his word.

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