Barbarossa Season 2 Episode 17 Urdu and English Subtitles

Barbarossa Season 2 Episode 13 Urdu and English Subtitles

Barbarossa Season 2 Episode 13 Urdu and English Subtitles

I’m Hayreddin. Wow I’m hurt! You mean in Venice. Why wouldn’t I be, my child? What did I tell you when I left Algeria? To increase my knowledge … You said you would go around the fulfill the hadith.even if the knowledge is in China. I turned around and found myself here. If God wills, I will find a ship to Islambol.and bring this voyage to an end. You leave me alone now. What are you looking for in this Frankish province?

We were commissioned by Sultan Suleiman Khan. Let me see, what is this task? My Sultan, Cigalazade Osman Bey awaits admission. Let it come. Events in Venice happened as I told you, Sultan. Had it not been for Hayreddin and Aydin Reis, it would not have been possible for your servant to be in your presence at this hour . God bless them. I am as confident as my name is Süleyman.that they will fulfill any task I assign to them.

I think it’s not a good sign for Charles to be so vigilant towards us, Hünkar. What is happening indicates that you knew long ago that I was in Venice. These are not unexpected situations, Cigalazade. If it were otherwise, it would be bad. I could not understand, Hünkar. Let Charles think he knows our secret.seeing us weak and incompetent. Let him see what is happening before his eyes. When he reads the nama-i humayun that I sent him. so that he cannot understand our deep-seated dispatch…

Let our sword land on his neck from where he least expects it. I am sultan-ul azam, melik-ul great… Leader of ummahs… Lord of Arab, Persian, Greek chiefs… ) Diyarbakir, Azerbaijan, Persia, Damascus.Aleppo, Egypt, Mecca, Medina… Jerusalem, all Arab countries, Sultan of Yemen.and many lands I conquered with the power of my sword … Spreader of safety and security… Protector of justice and goodwill… Son of Murad Han… Son of Mehmed Han… Son of Bayezid Han… Son of Selim Han.. Es sultan ibn-is Sultan Suleyman KhaN

Barbarossa Season 2 Episode 13 Urdu and English Subtitles




You are Charles V, the king of the Spanish province. The days are near when you and the pope will send separate names.begging us not to touch our great door . So when that day comes by Allah’s leave… Charles! Are you okay? I had a nightmare. I had a very scary nightmare. What are you doing? What shall I do, I burn the ominous letter from Solomon. I had this painting done by a Venetian painter once. It is my testament to you, Captain Pasha.



When I die, you will bury me in Eyüp Sultan’s graveyard. God bless my Pasha. What die? May God give you long life. Hopefully , we will see the days when you become a vizier. When our Sultan has a grand vizier like’s not our turn, Kemankes. It won’t. Here you go, I’m listening to you. Estagfurullah Pasha. You must have heard that our Sultan sent his squire.with one of my captains along with him.with a line-i Hümayun.

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There is, of course there is. But I don’t know where he sent it. He sent it to Hayreddin. Hayreddin? Barbaros Hayreddin… For what purpose? I’m wondering about that too, Pasha. Is n’t our sultan intending to organize an expedition from the sea with the help of Hayreddin ? If he had such an intention, it would have been necessary for him to be consulted on the sofa.and to invite you to your presence as the captain of the tell you.

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