Alparslan Season 1 Episode 117 Urdu Hindi Dubbed

Alparslan Season 1 Episode 76 Urdu Hindi Dubbed

Alparslan Season 1 Episode 76 Urdu Hindi Dubbed


After all, you are in charge of the districts in Vaspurakan. Vaspurakan is not like Georgia, Governor. You can’t fight these winged snakes with the methods of your Uncle, Liparit. Leave me, I am here if you want to cut my neck, we are Turks and we don’t kneel before infidels. Now you have seen. What I saw is that there is a lot to learn from you as well as from my uncle, Liparit, Dear Governor. Yannis, why did you bring them here?


I wanted the final decision to be yours, my dear respected father. Do you still not know what you should do, Yannis? Selikos. Since the Byzantine infidels do not give peace to the Turkmen… and since the rabid dogs of these tyrant infidels, kill the innocent… then they will pay for their oppression! What is your order, my Sultan? Let the preparations begin immediately, Hâce. Because they seem to have forgotten how sharp our sword is…

how destructive our anger is… and the pain of our revenge. To put an end to the oppression of the Byzantine infidels on the Turkmen… it’s time to travel to Anatolia. As our Sultan commands. My Sultan. What do you order us to tell the people waiting for the decision of the Crown Prince? Is this the time for this, Kundûri? I will announce my decision regarding the Crown Prince after the Anatolia campaign. My Sultan.

Which princes do you want to join on this blessed journey, my Sultan? My valiants that I ordered to leave fromthe Merv tribe at once. Hasan, son of Musa Yabgu. Erbaskan, son of Yusuf Yinal. And also… son of Çagri Bey… Alp Arslan. Begim Sehver, wife of Ghaznavid Sultan Mevdud and daughter of Çagri Bey… and the Governor Emir Bozan have honoured our tribe with their presence. Welcome. You brought joy. Grandfather.


Look at my dear prince! You have grown up. – Uncle! – My lion! Father. Bless you, my daughter. Mother. Welcome, light of my eye, you brought joy. – I saw you well. – We are fine. Welcome, Emir Bozan. Thank you, Çagri Bey. You know uncle, we saw a huge wolf on our way here. Tell me, was it a white wolf or a black wolf or what? The wolf was black. A black wolf, a black wolf! – How is your health, Father? – Thanks to Almighty Allah.


How are you, my daughter? We heard that Sultan Mevdud’s is not well. How are things in Ghazni? Tell me. Let’s go to your tent, Father. We weren’t expecting you, brother. When Sehver Sultan wanted to come here for Nevruz… we escorted her to protect her. You did good coming here, I am really happy. Thank you, my sister. Where is Süleyman? I don’t see him around. He was playing Kökbörü and is probably washing his hands now.

Alparslan Season 1 Episode 76 Urdu Hindi Dubbed


We heard that Tugrul Bey will announce the crown prince to the Seljuk throne. Is this correct? That’s right, Bozan. Süleyman. Tell me. What else did you hear? Prince Süleyman’s skills. The most powerful heir to the throne… Can a person who can’t even defeat his brother in Kökbörü be a sultan? The mind is the jewel that makes man a ruler of the world, Süleyman.


You know that I love Alparslan. His arm is strong and his heart is courageous. But he acts impulsively. It must be his young age. The Sultanate needs a balanced person. When you become a sultan… he will be your guard in the border tribes just like Çagri Bey is the right hand of Tugrul Bey. Then… his skills in Kökbörü will be… of more use for you.