Alparslan Season 1 Episode 117 Urdu Hindi Dubbed

Alparslan Season 1 Episode 57 Urdu Hindi Dubbed

Alparslan Season 1 Episode 57 Urdu Hindi Dubbed



Their number is very large! I hope they can stop them until support comes. Come on, black! Beat the Turks! Aren’t you my friend and companion, Zaran? Didn’t I tell you all my troubles and share my sorrows with you? what did you do?! What happened to make me your enemy? You broke your vows one by one! You forgot your invitation and became with the enemy. Your eyes no longer see anyone other than Alp Arslan,

whom you came to kill! You were the reason for the death of your own father! I wasn’t the reason, he was the reason. He drowned himself in treason! And you, too, will suffer the same fate with this betrayal of yours. I hope you don’t die. I hope you can’t die, Saferiye! I hope that you will not see good in your home, your children, or the children you will have after this! I will not die, Zaran.

I will not die. I will see my husband and children making every place a home for the Turks. Send this traitor’s head to Mrs. Pellim quickly. Let’s not leave the gift they sent unanswered. Hide now, come on! Come on, come on! Come on, come on! Why does Gregor go with so many men towards the bridge? What is this situation? There is something strange. Let’s go right away and investigate, come on.

Let’s go! A little effort yet, guys! Come on guys, run to the bridge! They are getting closer and closer. Hey archers! We’re out of arrows, sir. There may be many coming behind them for support. They should never cross the bridge. What do you command me to do, sir? Blow up the bridge! are you sure? immediately! Come on, hurry up, take all the barrels! -Come on , hurry up! -Okay, here! Come on, hurry up! Come on ,

hurry up! Hack , come on! Follow me! Bring them! what is happening? Come on guys, to the bridge! Mr. “Qutalmish”! blasphemy! You’ll never be able to come to Annie’s! Neither you nor Alp Arslan! Not even a single Turk will be able to come! You are right, Governor! Alp Arslan will not be able to come to Ani, but not because of you, but because of me! He can’t come because I’m taking Annie. All this effort and dozens of martyrs to be able to take a handful of lands before me, Mr.

“Qutalmish”. Not for Annie. And I will not stop at just demolishing the Barringot Bridge , if necessary I would burn the whole world! Mr. “Qutalmish” exposed the opening of “Ani” to difficulties by doing so. The inattentive one destroyed everything while he was striving for the victory of “Annie”. Our problem is not with Governor now… But with Mr. “Qutalmish”. Let’s go! Even if your son did this to you,

Alparslan Season 1 Episode 57 Urdu Hindi Dubbed

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I will not forgive him. It is not his fault, my lord. Who knows how much hatred towards me this Basasiri scoundrel filled his head with? Whatever it is, after all, you are his mother. Is there good in a person who denies the right of the mother to him? I beg you, my lord, do not kill him! Didn’t you forgive your brother who targeted your life for the first time because he is your brother? I beg you! I beg you to pardon my son please!

If you’re curious, let me tell you. They didn’t come for you, they came for Annie. If you think you’ll be able to save my family… You are not a prisoner anymore. I have retracted my opinion. I will let you marry my daughter, Prince Suleiman. Suleiman has to marry Flora. What? -Dad, do you understand… -It’s not just Alp Arslan anymore… “Qutalmish” coveted “Annie” as well.

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