AlpArslan Episode 51 Urdu and English Subtitles

AlpArslan Episode 59 Urdu and English Subtitles

AlpArslan Episode 59 Urdu and English Subtitles


If he takes Barringot Bridge, Our attack on Surmarie will be in vain, Rasul Teghin. I will not leave Ani’s victory to Alp Arslan. gentlemen, We’ll take Surmari for sure. Now we have to take Barengut Bridge before Alp Arslan does. Let’s go! From now on, the security will be even tighter. Let’s get to our destination quickly without being seen. And I have! Anushirwan! Help me. -Catch me. -Majesty! Go tell them at once! Help!

Sultana “Altun Jean” wounded! Turks! Go to Annie at once and tell the Governor. Come on, black! Draw your swords against the infidels! Don’t let them breathe! What do you think we go from here? Let’s go without looking back. If we go, I will not only be your wife… I will be your slave, I swear to God. Mr. Avar. I’m talking to you, Avar. Don’t you hear? You are welcome, Saferiye Hatun. Why are you wandering around here? Didn’t Mr.

Alp Arslan send you on a mission? This is a clear… Something happened. Saferiye Hatun… Say what you have to say, Avar. The hard-to-cross section of the woods is back, thank God. Come on, let’s get out of this way before someone sees us. Prince Suleiman. Prince Suleiman. Good… finally… Finally you opened your eyes. Damn cockroaches… and you Turks… With nine lives. If you touch Flora again,

I will kill you with my own hands! just chill. We don’t want the wound to open, do we? You have returned with your feet to the castle from which you fled. The next sultan of the Seljuk state. Crown Prince, Prince Suleiman. You have the right to be surprised. Sultan Tughrul chose you as crown prince, and Alp Arslan is present… In my opinion also strange.

Whatever it is, I’m the lucky one after all. Now it’s more valuable than before. Crown Prince, Suleiman. Sir, the Turks are coming. What? -We must hurry. They’re coming towards Barringot Bridge, and they’re too many. The bridge guards told us this information. Don’t get excited. I will never leave you this time until I get what I want from them. Move fast, move, not a single Turk will cross this bridge! This is of no use, Governor.

AlpArslan Episode 59 Urdu and English Subtitles

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You can never stop us! I didn’t hear you, what did you say?! I heard what you said. You will not be able to change this defeated fate of yours. Wait and see. Crown Prince, Suleiman. The infidels will come as soon as they hear these voices, sir, my brother. We have to get to the bridge quickly. We will trample the infidels one by one with our feet, my brother. We have to get to the bridge before Alp Arslan! Let’s go! Do not worry, my Sultan.

Mrs. Elton Jean’s wound is not fatal, I gave her a palliative. “Anushirwan”. Your son, whom you hid from me, so that he would not harm me… He came and hurt you. Oh, Mrs. Elton Jean. All this fatigue… It is enough that it is not in vain. With your faith and commitment… The Turks will get the water. Water will flow in Anatolia like this river, God willing. hopefully. Now is the time to open the water way. Let’s go.

AlpArslan Episode 59  English Subtitles Kayifamily


Where are you man?! Where are you?! Mrs. Zaran. I knew you would never leave me at their mercy. Did you find a way to get me out of this hell, sir? Even if you don’t come out, your head will come out, Zaran! “Saferiye”… This is the end of your path. Coming! Coming! What is happening?! The Turks are coming! – The Turks! -Take cover! Take cover! Shooters! Come on, brave ones. Come on, brave ones.

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