AlpArslan Episode 60 Urdu and English Subtitles

AlpArslan Episode 58 Urdu and English Subtitles

AlpArslan Episode 58 Urdu and English Subtitles


Mr. Erbazakan, position yourself with your military unit in this vicinity… Once we’ve done our business here, you’ll come to take over and keep it safe. When we take Barringot Bridge… Then we will prepare our army in the “Surmari” commercial inn and march towards “Ani”, God willing. hopefully. hopefully. Sir.. What about Mr. “Suleiman”?! Evidently, Prince Suleiman will hear of our capture of Barengut Bridge while he is in Ani.

Let’s go! Not here either! We looked everywhere, but we didn’t find Mrs. Zaran, Saferiye Hatun. That snake… Obviously, she knew what was going to happen to her and ran away. Look for a hole she can go in and ask if anyone has seen her. She must have left some trace behind. It must fall into our hands! Mr Avar… Mrs. Zaran.. you are here.. [what are you doing?].. I need your help , Mr. Avar. What have you done, Mrs.

Zaran?! I fell victim to Mrs. Pellum’s scheming. She got me into her trap. All I’ve heard is a lie, sir. I have no fault in it. What do you think we go from here? Let’s go from here without even looking behind us. I swear I will not only be your wife, I will be the king of your hands. Are the investigations over? Lord… whats the truth? Tell me. Is “Jalal” “Anushirwan”? correct It is your son, my lady.

Here is the king who will be our fortress in our just cause, And who will open the way for us to the throne with the plans that we will establish with my authority. Is there an uncomfortable situation around? There’s no traffic around the bridge, no tunic, sir. Everything is running normally. Mr. Erbazakan, as we spoke. When we get to Barringot Bridge, You and the warriors who are with you will go and secure the neighborhood.

And then Gregor’s guards will be walking around. Wake up. We will kill the infidel guards who will meet us on our way in silence, We will move forward calmly. Come on, let our conquest be blessed. Come on, let’s drag the bodies to a remote corner. What is this share? And what is this test, O God? Mulati. Come on, mom. I told you that I am your son Anushirwan, But you didn’t believe me.

AlpArslan Episode 58 Urdu and English Subtitles

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They told me you died. Give me the shroud wrapped around your body in my lap. I suffered for years because of the loss of my son. I did not abandon you, Anushirwan. So, Basasiri… He did this nefarious plan when I was a baby. Even though I hate you… As a child, I always dreamed of hugging you. Now before I die… Mama , can I hug you just once? Open. I told you open! And I have. My mom! Dear Anushirwan. Pardon me.

Please, forgive me! My son, dear Anushirwan. And you are… My mother. And I have! Molati! Here is the man I planted among them, brother. Sir, Mr. Alp Arslan and those with him are walking towards Tunek Forest. Then it’s time for us to walk to Surmare. Sir, there is still an order. Mr. Alp Arslan’s intention is not to walk towards Ani, as Mr. Rasul Taghin said. He came to the place where we gathered as a vanguard unit,

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With a few men, not with an army. what do you say? So what is his intention? Why is he walking towards Tunk Jungle? He wants to take Barringot Bridge. So, the Barringot Bridge! So in Annie’s campaign, the armies won’t pass through the Tonk Forest, You’ll pass through the Barringot Bridge. Then you are not as fool as I thought you were, Alp Arslan.