AlpArslan Episode 60 Urdu and English Subtitles

AlpArslan Episode 57 Urdu and English Subtitles

AlpArslan Episode 57 Urdu and English Subtitles


Be glad, father; They will not allow him to abandon his position and his dynasty and marry the daughter of an unjust “Governor”! So that’s how it is, Prince Suleiman! You’ve heard who he is, right? Treat him to get him back to health quickly. [Khan Surmari] Oh, sir “Suleiman”… ah… When it is heard that you have disobeyed the Sultan and risked your life to Annie…

How will your situation be?! Now, how will we say that to our master, Alp Arslan? Where is Mr. Suleiman? Is he in his room? Good, Mr. Bator? Something wrong? Sir, Mr. Suleiman.. Mr. Solomon went to Annie’s to see Mrs. Flora. While we’re on his cue to open Annie, Crown Prince Suleiman… He went there to cure his sick longing, right?! Crown?! Our front-line forces have begun massing after the Surmari commercial inn.

We will not stop and wait for Suleiman. They caught me. The front line forces of Mr. “Alp Arslan”… It’s already starting to swarm between Surmari and Annie. Is it easy for him to cross the woods of Tonk and march the army to Annie? Is preparing for the invasion of “Annie” something that can be done overnight! Doesn’t Mr. Alp Arslan know that? I put one of my men in the front ranks, And he’ll tell us quickly when they enter the woods of Tonk.

Gentlemen and honorable and powerful Turkmen men, Do you know what happened today my heroes? Sultan “Tugrul” has declared the naive and inexperienced prince, “Suleiman” as the crown prince! -How could this happen?! -Is such a thing permissible?! -How could this happen?! -Is such a thing permissible?! How could they choose Mr.

Suleiman? Suleiman cannot be a sultan! How can he be a sultan! But… But I swear by the lives of all the Turks who made… Your people are a country and with the blood of my father who died in Castle Calangar… We will take what is rightfully ours from those who took it from us by force first by means of… Khan took the “Surmari” trade that they took as their headquarters and then…

By unlocking Annie, we will prove to the whole world who he is… Befitting the title of Sultan and befitting the throne of the Seljuk state! That throne will be mine! Yahya Sayed “Qutalmish”! Yahya Sayed “Qutalmish”! Yahya Sayed “Qutalmish”! And now black…

It’s time to take the trading khan of Surmari and bring it under our rule! Yahya Sayed “Qutalmish”! Yahya Sayed “Qutalmish”! Golga! the curse! the curse! Find Zaran wherever she is and bring her to me. immediately! Repentant Gregor calculates that our army will march through the Tonk Forest on its march to the Battle of Ani. -But our path will not be from there. Where will he be then, sir? -Where are we going from then? from here.

AlpArslan Episode 57 Urdu and English Subtitles







We’ll cross the Barringot Bridge. There is no shorter road to Ani’s forts than this bridge. But how will we lead that great army to cross that bridge? Given that we don’t own any of the land on either side of the bridge? We’ll take both ends of the bridge before the invasion. Sir, there are a lot of spies on both sides. If Gregor finds out about this, he’ll send his men and… He won’t know about it, Alpagot. We will go with a handful of men into the woods and advance silently.

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First we will take control of this party; The tip from Annie’s side… This is so that the guards there do not send any news to “Gregor”. After that, we will snatch the other end of the bridge from the hands of the infidels and purify it from them.