AlpArslan Episode 60 Urdu and English Subtitles

AlpArslan Episode 56 Urdu and English Subtitles


AlpArslan Episode 56 Urdu and English Subtitles

Rasul Taghin. My father’s coffin is not in it. This is correct. But he is full of vows that I made. I am “Qutalmish” son of “Arslan Yabgo”. And my anger that I’ve kept here for years and it’s time to release it. And my hate. The tomb of my father “Arslan Yabgo” in the castle of “Kalanger”, Mr. “Qutalmish”. If you didn’t run for your life, that would be your grave too. Praise be to God who did not take my father and brother from me and did not leave me an orphan.

I swear by God who raised the sky and decorated it with stars. Our time will come, brother. Our time will come. Stars bro… The stars will tell us that our time has come. Then… This empty tomb. It will be filled with the bodies of those… Who let our father die and watched him. are you hungry You sure got hungry. We’ll continue for a bit. Then I will give you food. I’m talking to you, don’t you hear me? I can’t hear them, stop. Stop, I can’t hear their voice. This is not the time to play! Get out of your hiding place.

I will punish you for that. my lord! Come on, Mrs. Oke! I told you this is not the time to play! Open. Then you can’t believe I’m your son, Mama. Good. The genealogy will show the truth anyway! Move. sit here. Take off your shoes. and your Now, put your foot here. okay then. Come on, Mrs. Golga. do not give up. We must run away. You cannot escape from me. Do not tire in vain! Warrior Sardar, I can run no more. You go and hide. I can’t, I can’t leave you.

I must catch you! Come on, Mrs. Golga, Let’s go! My feet… my feet, warrior “Sardar”; I sprained my ankle badly! -Get up, try to… -Now I’ve got you both! The game is over! Leave the lady! Hey you! -Let me, leave me! Come here! Come on! Walk! Walk! Walk! -“Borkeay”! my sister! “Golga”.. You lowly scoundrel, is your strength not enough for the little ones?! Leave the girl immediately! If you don’t let me go, I will kill her. my sister..

Damn the day we had you in our house because you’re an orphan! Leave Golga! Easy, Saferiye, calm down. Say, Boracay… What do you want? Why was the girl kidnapped? my sister.. Good..’s over. It’s over, light of my eyes, it’s over. Are you okay, Golga? I’m fine. Are you all right, Mrs. Golga? But are you okay? Nothing wrong with you, right? I’m fine, thanks to God, Saferiye Hatun. And you have protected Mrs.

AlpArslan Episode 56 Urdu and English Subtitles





Golga perfectly. She just sprained her ankle. whats that? It’s a message from Zaran. I was determined to take revenge when they betrayed the soul of my master Arslan Yusuf. She put poison in Saferiye’s food, but she survived. And now you’re going to do what I couldn’t do with Golga, Mrs. Bellem. Safriya will pay for everything she’s done. I will kill you with these two hands, Zaran! With these two hands! What could Mrs. Zaran have done? Avar, escort Saferiye Hatun to Vasburagan.


AlpArslan Episode 56  English Subtitles




And when you get to Vasburgan… Slaughter 40 sacrifices; I made a vow when I saw the cart in that condition. Suleiman”! There is no danger to his life, we gave him medicine and he is sleeping now, ma’am. I heard?! I’ve been determined to see it! Look and relax.. no problem. thank God. Sir, there is an important development. Say. Sultan Tughrul appointed Prince Suleiman as crown prince. What?! I thought Alp Arslan had become the crown prince.

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