AlpArslan Episode 60 Urdu and English Subtitles

AlpArslan Episode 55 Urdu and English Subtitles

AlpArslan Episode 55 Urdu and English Subtitles

Let’s go. Let’s go. Are we still waiting, Mother Akinai? I can’t stand it if something happens to my child. I must take it. Don’t do that, my daughter. Don’t do that now, wait a minute. “Saferiye”! If we don’t warn… It will get worse. Look, my daughter. You will extend your hand… without compromising balance. And I’ll go a little back. And grab you from behind. Wait. slowly. slowly. Go, my daughter. Oh my God, I beg you help us. In the name of God, the most gracious, the most merciful.

Let’s go. Lord help us. “Saferiye”! It won’t work out like that, Saferiye. Watch out, my daughter. quietly. Quietly, come on. Watch out. Watch out, my daughter. Stop this cart! Stop it! You won’t get away with it! Mr. Alp Arslan will punish you for this, Borcay. Don’t worry, Mrs. Golga, we’ll survive. do not Cry. How, warrior Sardar! how? We will not be able to open this door. We will survive, Mrs. Golga.

How is he, will he survive? His wound is very deep. He lost a lot of blood. They thought they would be spared by killing Mr. Yenal. They will fall one by one. Prince Suleiman will not die, do you understand? Will not die! You idiot! What do you think the Seljuk state, which remains poised to invade Ani, will do when he dies?! Let him live. Otherwise, you will go after him. And you, Mrs. Oke. They will come when they know he is here.

Try to get out of sight. Open the door! Please open the door! At least tell me is he alive? Please! Suleiman”! “Flora”. Stop, my daughter, please! -Leave me! I must see it. I must see it. Watch out, my daughter. Few left, MalikShah. What happened? Hang the swaddle. I can’t pull it off. “Travel”. Never pull hard. quietly. Help us, Lord. God have mercy on us. Lord help us. Have mercy on us, Lord. “Saferiye”! -Are you okay? Alp Arslan. We are fine sir. Come on, mom. We came. “Alpagot”. Son.

AlpArslan Episode 55 Urdu and English Subtitles




Praise be to you, Lord, praise be to you. do not worry! Do not move to the front of the vehicle. Don’t worry, Mom, we’ll pull the cart. Alright son! Come on, leave the cart one at a time and grab the rope. Let’s go! O Allah! Help us, God, and have mercy on us. Sir, we can’t pull them any further , you have to get on top of them and pull them. God help us! Have mercy on us, God! It will pass, my daughter. It will pass. Everything will end now, God willing. Come on sir, come on.


Alp Arslan! Thank God. -Thank God, you are fine. Take MelikShah. Take your son first, sir. Fear not, Saferiye! We will save you all. Take your son. “Alpagot”. Hold tight! Give me, sir, God! O Allah! Let’s go! Take MelikShah and go, sir. Please go. -Don’t stay here! -I won’t leave any of you here, come on! You first, Mother Akinai. No, my daughter, you first. You first. We don’t have time, mom, hurry up. Hurry up, mom. My mom! Take MelikShah, Mama. Take MelikShah, Mama.

AlpArslan Episode 55  English Subtitles


Give me your hand. Have mercy on us and help us, O God. my lord! Mr. Alp Arslan! my lord! “Saferiye”! Thank God. Thank God! Praise be to God who saved you for me. “Golga”. They have kidnapped Golja, Alp Arslan. You are not tired of coming to an empty tomb all the time, brother. This tomb is not empty,