AlpArslan Episode 60 Urdu and English Subtitles

AlpArslan Episode 54 Urdu and English Subtitles

AlpArslan Episode 54 Urdu and English Subtitles

We used to praise your effort and loyalty as an example. How did you hide all that hate and grudge… Under the guise of loyalty? Now you will swallow these words of mine, one by one when the time comes. You will bow before me, before your brothers and elders, You will be cut off, Alp Arslan! when that day comes, I will not stand in the face of anyone but you, Mr. “Qutalmish”. Alp Arslan. Go ahead, my sultan. Do you have something to say? No, my sultan.

Prince Suleiman, in his capacity as Crown Prince, The raids on Ani and the subsequent raids on Anatolia are now under his command. As for your responsibility… He always supported your brother as your father Mr Chagri was with me. You are the Sultan. It’s up to you. Mr. Qutlamish was not well, Artuk. He was angry as embers. He must have had his share of fire from within! What’s going on inside? The eyes of everyone who comes out are like fire. There is no problem, God willing.

I don’t know if it’s a problem or not, but… What happened is… Our Sultan appointed Prince Suleiman as Crown Prince. He commanded everyone to be loyal to him and to pledge allegiance to him after him. Are we going to do this? Come on, ride the horses. Where are we going, Mr. Alp Arslan? We are preparing for the invasion of Ani under the leadership of Prince Suleiman. Oh, my God! Aman oh my god! “Saferiye”. “Saferiye”. “Saferiye, “Saferiye”.

Wake up, my daughter. “Saferiye”! My mom is Akin Aye. thank God. Thank God very much. Are you okay my daughter? MelikShah! MelikShah! Son! Saferiye, stop, don’t move. Don’t move, okay? You protect us, Lord. MelikShah, don’t move! Save it for me, Lord. Lord protect him. O Allah! Is such a thing possible, my Lord?! Could this be true, Lord? Don’t be so sad, Mrs. Elton Jean. This traitor is not your son. It’s just Basasiri’s bastard scheme. It was time for him and “Al-Basasiri” to be killed.

Now, they would be beheaded quickly! Sultani. I beg you, don’t do this. I must know the truth first, And make sure it is my son or not. I can’t go on with my life with this doubt inside of me. After that, this doubt inside of me will gnaw at me and kill me. I could not succeed, my father “Al-Basasiri”. i couldn’t. I couldn’t protect you nor revenge you. Let it be good news, God willing. Sir, there is an important issue. Saferiye Hatun.

AlpArslan Episode 54 Urdu and English Subtitles






You’ll see, brother. Those who believe that Sayyid “Qutalmish” is the son of “Arslan Yabgo”… not worth a handful of land, They see that Prince Suleiman, who has no value beside your glory and reputation, deserves the title of Crown Prince. It’s not about what you deserve, brother. The state is ours, and the throne is ours. We won’t beg anyone for a favor? What’s on your mind, brother? First, I’ll take the “Sur Mari” commercial inn from Suleiman… Which will make it a headquarters for western raids.

I’ll take it until… The whole world knows that the prince they appointed as crown prince is a helpless and unqualified soldier! This will not affect “Suleiman” only, But Sultan Tughrul is also my brother. Let him who wants to stand in front of me, my brother. No one will be able to cross Surmarie and get to Annie without me wanting to. You go immediately. And tell the lords of the Yapgo clan… Let them see me at “Ganga” with all their men.

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