AlpArslan Episode 51 Urdu and English Subtitles

AlpArslan Episode 50 Urdu and English Subtitles

AlpArslan Episode 50 Urdu and English Subtitles

Alp Arslan. And I swear that you will not be victorious in this war that you started. What if Mr. Yenal is right in what he says? Then how will you solve what you have held and you insisted on disagreeing, Mr. “Alp Arslan”? Also, who dares to transfer an order that has no basis from the Sultan? To make the Sultan confront him.. Isn’t this an appeal to his wrath? Is this the first time the master has “incurred” the wrath of the Sultan?

Isn’t the one who is knocking on our door now the same person who coveted… On the throne in Ray and dared to disobey in the past?! But suppose he is right and that it is the words of the Sultan, I will not give him even a stone of Vasburagan unless I hear the words from his owner’s mouth; From my uncle Sultan. Mr. Alp Arslan… You have to come quickly. Mr. Yanal. There is an order from our lord, it is forbidden to leave the castle.

I have to get out of here. The order of our master Alp Arslan is definitive, don’t you understand what I’m saying? Open the door for me, please. Mr. Yenal thinks he will take the castle from me by trying to scare me. He reckons he’ll be able to keep the castle in his hands by locking the door and kicking me out. And you also think that Mr. Yenal is right. As long as you think this… Why not do more than just talk?

What do you expect me to do, sister-in-law? To stand by who is right, by your brother. You are the son of Mr. “Youssef Yenal”. Don’t forget this. Stand with your brother, and let the children of Mikael think… full of the magnitude of what they did and what happened to them. my lord… You said you’d go to Ray to see the Sultan, but… The situation has changed, Atabeg.

He was blinded from the truth and lost his mind in the amount that pushes him to besiege the castle! Since the situation is like this, I can’t go. A sea of ​​blood. raging spring.. dead bodies.. Wailing and lamenting… Alp Arslan… Pain surrounds him from all sides. Alp Arslan? what do you see? Complete. It is surrounded by mountains, and there is no escape for it. Like a wolf… in his cage…

AlpArslan Episode 50 Urdu and English Subtitles


His claw is one of the sword… And his anger is hotter than embers! You will get your revenge. Come on, get ready. Let’s go! Come on move! come on hurry up! Good! We have an account to finish! “Vassporagan” “Avar!” Artok! Let’s go! Strengthen the defenses of the gates with warriors. Atsiz, spread your archers along the wall. And I will be informed of their smallest movements. Sir, shall we attack the warriors if they move? We don’t know what Mr. Yenal might do.


He thinks he’s controlling us by besieging the castle. And we will confront him with force so that he does not dare attack and the blood of brothers is not spilled! Let’s go! Mr Suleiman… Nobody moves! what happens? to stop! -Don’t move! Do you want to die? What do you do? -Leave it! Leave me and I will give you all the gold you want. Gold is not what I care! My God! If Mr. Alp Arslan hadn’t stopped me earlier,

I would have killed Mr. Yenal. And we wouldn’t have any of this today, am I right? Is this the time to talk about it, Mr. Arslan Yusuf? Lord Governor, Lord Yenal has laid siege to Vasburagan. What? Besieged Vasburgan? According to what I heard, the headquarters soldiers are behind Mr. Yanal. I was wrong about him. Mr. Yenal must be very angry with Alp Arslan… Because he handed over the management of the headquarters to “Arslan Yusuf”.

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